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Louisiana Goodness | Florida Fall Garden Tour - At Up-Tube.com

Louisiana goodness Florida Fall Garden Tour 1 day ago   07:57

ClayBank Homestead
Lsu purple figs

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Wall Street Homestead
Hope all is well.
Hoosier Sasquatch Outdoors
Figs would be interesting to grow.
Hey there! Saw you over at elegant homestead’s steam and came over to visit! We are in Texas just next door!

I have two huge fig trees that keep dropping figs in my pool!

Nice hueglebed!!!!
Lottie Faith
Hey, ya'all, new subbie here, thanks for the sub to me. OK let's get to the important stuff, who is that dog and what kind is he? He's gorgeous.
Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry
✋🏼👊🏼😃❤️The purple figs are looking good. Keep on having fun. Loved the opening song. Namaste 🙏🏼☮️
Two Cedars Micro Farm
Loved the video. I to am an old Rock and Roller. Thanks for subbing to our channel. I am really enjoying your channel so I returned the sub.👍👍 Rock and Roll forever👍👍🌲🌲.
JCB Farm and Garden
Good healthy looking garden, watch out for the milky whites from the fig, it is sticky, I had a fig tree overtake my porch once, LOL. God Bless and say Dray and safe.
Cheryl Hirsch DIY Fun
You all have a great place and your okra looks awesome. Congratulations on the figs. Came to check out your channel and like what I see. I will looking through more videos soon. Thanks for subscribing to my channel and good luck in the drawing.
Wingin It with Irish Colleen
Another great video👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Living Miracle Homestead
I love figs and okra. Is there any other music?
Ratliff tiny acre homestead
I am an old rocking roller too
DIY Allied
Good stuff sir.
Trinity Soldier
Spirit in the Sky...brings back some good 'ole memories !!!...Love Your Homestead by the way, Beautiful Place !!!...Good video !!!
naile zoupani
Just subscribed to your channel, all the best cheers from Australia
The American Wanderer
great video... Im just west of you in Port O'Connor, Texas... just subbed to you.. hope you can sub my channel, thanks
Creativity booster
Superb video friendship done hope u support back stay connected 👍
Granny's Florida Garden
Thanks ! Love music too !
Love the fig trees and okra. I have lsu gold.
lucky trix lakshmi
ik dn plz ck bk bro
Homestead and Hustle
Love the intro. Your plants are looking great! If you get a chance to email us at contact@homesteadandhustle.com
I am anxious to know how I can buy one of those shirts from you. Take care and God Bless.
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Florida Fall Garden Tour Louisiana goodness 1 day ago   17:24

I plan on uploading monthly garden tours along with other "How to" videos. Please like, share and subscribe if you would like to watch my garden grow and maybe you will learn something along the way. My goal is to inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy some dirt and sunshine! Thanks for watching!
*If you would like to order my homegrown mammoth sunflower seeds please email me @ summer@fastlanepromotions.biz
They can grow up to 9-12 feet tall!!
25 seeds for $5 includes shipping + I'll send you an extra pack to share with friends or family! (limited time)

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