I BOUGHT A $200K HONDA - DID I MAKE NSX - Buying Guide 2 days ago   05:01

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Mino Rivas
Ummmm isn't this car an acura why does it say Honda or is Acura part of honda
Block Busterz
No.sound at all
Norsham Abdul Jalil
Jeremy Thompson
I like the NSX (old and new), but I stopped watching after he said the Gallardo "was affordable" .... then again, what should one expect standing in front of that house.
Agency Men
Very good observations. Glad to listen to your review. Most people have no fucking Money to know how really good this fucking machine is. I speak from experience.
I like your old house 👌 love those gated 2nd level outdoor patios.
Lee Douglas
I bought a new '18 NSX on February 19th, 2019..........I absolutely love it!!!! It's a very special car.
Top 10 entertainment
Lol 203k u got rapped !!
Gideon Pilli
No one want to hear to for 15 mins.
Mark McIntosh
I want to get one how much of a discount can I expect. I heard the factory has 30000 in trunk money on them
baba Burnweedsan
Ballin.. must got that A1 credits.sick nsx
Dank Bass
You should've bought the old nsx
Judith Mitchell
The old nsx was cheaper and slower but was still better than the European so go to hell with your bullshit
Judith Mitchell
The problem with some of u people because it's a honda it's suppose to be cheap but check out the reliable over the European so call supercars
Angel Diaz
This the new lambo killer. This car is a very fast fast car.
Alex Cas
This car is amazing, well designed, nice looking, exceptional engine, it is somehow a masterpiece
baba Burnweedsan
The only real mistake they made is calling it an NSX.
Mark Spark
You're even boring my four year old.. Get to the point you fudge packer
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NSX - Buying Guide I BOUGHT A $200K HONDA - DID I MAKE 2 days ago   08:48

In this video we will discuss what you need to know about the NSX. In North America the car is known as the Acura NSX in the rest of the world, it is known as the Honda NSX. We will go over the difference between years as well as production numbers.

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