Cold As Balls | P.K. Subban Kevin Hart and Odell Beckham 2 weeks ago   03:32

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Nashville Predators' defenseman P.K. Subban and Kevin Hart question Drake's loyalty and his hockey skills. Is there a Stanley Cup in P.K.'s future. The NHL star hopes so!

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Reg Rock
I’m a lifelong Habs fan and miss PK, great hockey player, funny as hell and a top human being.
Brooke Hollister
the only hockey player with personality in the NHL! funny legend
Avro Sound
You're professionally small, though.🤣🤣🤣
Travis Mauthe
He's really in his element in that tub seeing as he is a professional diver
Kevin, in fact, is actually 5'4". Typical dude adding that extra inch lol.
Jessy B.
On s'ennuie de toi P.K !!! Come back to Montreal dude !!!
Laz lund
1:30 "for white kids" ...
Cxptain Strike
Ugh guys look when this was made!? It was made in the future
very funny, gotta love PK :D
Andrew Kenny
Subban is the man. Drake's a ween.
Hayden Mackay
Rip Alex
ThickerJew - iJeW Gaming
Who said subban was a star?
Ryan Brewer
that was funny
Glenn Gayet
Probably warm water and fake ice
Ice Hockey 19
I’m not a monster
Could you come play for the Leafs tho?
Lmao Hart is hilarious
$10,000... I think that matches your height
Mitch Graham
I feel like the reason this one was so short was because Subban kept giving Kevin a hard time and Kevin didn't like it so he cut ton of the episode out.
Lol didnt notice they were in an ICE BATH before half way through
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Kevin Hart and Odell Beckham Cold As Balls | P.K. Subban 2 weeks ago   13:21

Odell's iconic hair is making it rounds to everyone on set! In this episode, Odell talks about growing up playing soccer, his journey into the NFL and finally catching that epic one-handed catch! We know you have all been on ice to see this episode! Let us know if it was worth the wait.

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