TRY NOT BE AMAZED 😲 *99.7% IMPOSSIBLE Luckiest Moments Ever Captured 1 year ago   10:08


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Luckiest Moments Ever Captured TRY NOT BE AMAZED 😲 *99.7% IMPOSSIBLE 1 year ago   11:01

Here are some of the luckiest moments you'll ever see!!!
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Be Amazed at these luckiest moments! These cars aren’t out to admire the river. In fact, this is a flash flood, and everyone's trying to get out of the way. All electrical engineers know safety comes first. Still, It’s not often you get to stare death in the face and catch it on camera too. Don't put soda cans in the freezer, as they can, and have injured people after exploding, because when the water inside a soda can turns to ice inside the freezer, it expands and pushes the carbon dioxide out, causing an explosion. From Legolas to Katniss Everdeen ; interest in archery is high. Still, one trick remains that all archers around the world dream of accomplishing.

It’s the end of a Jenga game . The tower is so unsteady a gust of wind could knock it over. The Running of the Bulls is an annual tradition in Pamplona, Spain where people risk their lives for no reason whatsoever. There’s nothing better than the feeling of sledding down a snowy hill .

Cold weather and slippery streets are major winter hazards, but there are more dangers than that. I know it looks frightening and lucky at the same time with that Fox News logo trying to make it look all official, but it's actually a fake video that's been doing the round online.

In another, similarly-terrifying incident last year, an airbus narrowly avoided colliding with four other planes filled with passengers sitting on a taxiway after a pilot mistook the taxiway for the runway it was trying to land on. Now for a moment of wonder from a dashboard camera in Russia. Life doesn’t always need an Instagram filter . In this well-timed shot a man bends down at the edge of a lake in a snowy park. The world of professional sports is a dangerous one. Sweeping vistas and treacherous mountain passes are a staple of Colorado, but this image comes straight out of The Italian Job . Have you ever been so late for a train you were willing to cross active train lines ?