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Corporations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple wield massive power, and are changing the way we live. They quash smaller rivals; they find ways to pay little tax; governments struggle to regulate them. What is to be done?

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Quantumese Boy
Some of them really suck. Facebook in particular has been causing a lot of damage with their inability to deal with Russian trolls, still, it is still happening.
Libral Mullah-Allah اللہ
Care About What we Will to Your Religion 🤣🤣🤣😎
Just Think Jeruslam .
to answer the question...YES...absolutely...they are...but let us also talk about out of control governments and their corrupt power elite cohorts...not to mention the out of control media which unleashes its tools of mass manipulation...on a daily basis...worldwide...all under the guise of "news"..."journalism"...and "expertise"...
Eric Christen
100% - and what is worse unaccountable. They are criminals beyond reach. Cowards hiding from the consequences of their irresponsible actions.
Google and Facebook are already shown to be so pervasive in European society, and at least in the US, used as a tool to influence election by foreign entities. Why don't the EU ban them, but instead choose to evaluate banning Huawei, with no proof of having back door.
TomD Pretty
Yep after money comes power and control of humans . Are you happy in this modern world ? LOL
California Bobby
Buy Bitcoin.
when mothers with their baby out for a stroll with their face into their phones and keeping up with what is before them....the baby is the one who loses
Leonardo Porto
They’re pretty nefarious like in an evil Bond film villain kind of way
From a 60 year old American, yes!
Vic Damron
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The Difference between the United Kingdom, Are tech giants out of control? | Made 1 day ago   05:15

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