Thai princess runs for Prime Inside The Lives Of Thailand's Royal 2 days ago   10:08

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A royal standing for elections is causing a political earthquake in Thailand. The Thai king's sister Princess Ubolrat announced she intended to run for prime minister in the upcoming elections in March. This is a first in Thailand, where royals are usually not involved in politics. The announcement is even more surprising considering she's standing for a party that's aligned to former Prime Ministers Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra, who both are currently in exile.

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Htun Win
Wishes to win elections for royal higness regards.
This military dictatorship will NEVER progress in ANY way....
The top military only “progress” with skrewing the peoples through they’re “rice board” to drive them in a form of taxslavery in which they get never the world trade price for they’re efforts. The difference is for the despotes.
Keep them poor, keep them uneducated and one can rule the world....but the military junta was always in power, king or no king.
And leaderships in uniforms always went out bad.....eventually...
Thomas Hartmann
Aaand... she‘s gone....
Her husband probably is a CIA agent
Ben CyBer
the PAEOPLE : they need ,, a job ,, a roof food
Ben CyBer
get a SIMPLE guy : that will repersent the common people , at least they know what the people want , solve all the common problem
Ben CyBer
with a new party : you expect some changes ..
txapel88 1984katu
There are no elections there since Vietnam war. So...another stone against democracy
jim parsit
Do not get serious with Thailand, the country is so screwed up century ago, especially politicians corruption and corporations. Thailand is a bit of the US, China, and Africa, it is a daily soap opera, fiction to real life. Thai people worship the white, rich, good look and very ignorance when studying and working. Addicting to the entertainment, sex, and drugs that what they are living for. No wonder it is a haven for losers. The poor are ignorant and superstitious, but however they are kind and gentle, many foreigners take advantage and used them for self-interest, so more bad than good. Beautiful country in all directions, delicious food and worth to visit. The politician mafias do not care but there for the same purposes, money, and power. I am afraid that it will stay the same for decades because the elite family never let go and much more. And that is about the same in the undeveloped country in SE Asia. Amazing Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
This 'commoner' princess had had her, albeit watered down, title restored by her father after she'd divorced the American guy and had returned to the lap of luxury in Thailand. No commenting allowed on this on Thai msm together with pics of her surrounded by attendees on their knees should have been a clue as to her true status. Further investigation into her background has described her as 'vainglorious'. Thailand just dodged a return to absolute democracy. A new low for the odious Taksin who should stay firmly out of politics no matter whose snouts are currently in the trough. The Thais should stop being distracted by soap opera and start building a true path towards a sustainable democracy. A routing of the old guard would be a start.
John Hooper
She is a nice looking woman but uses to much make-up!
Renounce the title completely by law not a little bit so u can go back
Fully renounce title and power then run or remain princess u can't be both
Xiao Liu
She has foreign husband, should be banned for running campaign
A Black
We need Federation only.
Josh Asprey
very good are getting a good view of the Thai election and situation..
Michael Moreton
The important issue is what part are the exiled Shinawatras, Ex PMs Thaksin and Yingluck playing from their base in the UAE. The Princess was nominated by their party.
Fred Pfeifer
Perhaps being a former royal member and close kin to the current king offers her the unusual insight into what is hidden from or unknown to the general people and foreign countries, which makes her a wise former royal member and potentially a wise prime minister for the country once elected into the office.
chira sirisambhand
Pipe dream over.....wake up !
Che Serna
Yet another CIA China containment plan directed at Thailand. It lasted one day!
Thank god for the King of Thailand stopping her pro-American sister in just one day!
Left Campo
She’s proof that Asians don’t age.
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Inside The Lives Of Thailand's Royal Thai princess runs for Prime 2 days ago   11:15

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