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The Atlantic Ocean Threatens Guyana's | Shell Beach Guyana - At Up-Tube.com

THE ATLANTIC OCEAN THREATENS GUYANA'S Shell Beach Guyana 1 year ago   04:46

Keron Bruce

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ovin ramroop
Dhanraj Mohan
Public comments. Very nice 👍 but scary to watch .sea defence very important now .
Dhanraj Mohan
Public comments. Sea defence is vital now to protect the citizens of Guyana .re enforcement to break the waves and higher wall with outer wave shape to break the waves .
Princess Vanessa
Love the veiw Guyana looking so beautiful in spite of the high waters
Rodrigo Colares
Moreover, for strategic and military defense reasons, it is best for the capital of any country to be closer to its geographical center.
Wow.. this is beautifully scary. God bless Guyana.
Ryan Carbon
Planting mangroves will do nothing hear the watch how low guyana is below the water level
Spraying car and cylinder spraying
Guyana god is worning us we must repente fast and for our country
Paul Aspen
Did the sea at high tide also create eerily creepy music too. Did the sea say build large settlements at literally sea level made possible by under building a sea wall that were first built 2000 years ago by the Romans. Or was there global warming then too. Nope, just building where you shouldn't and then taking your chances.
Lionel Sharples
Can I use your video?
Ryan P
Wow.... amazing video. Great picture. Very well done and set to music. Awesome talent man. The short film captures and depicts how vulnerable Georgetown is. The Atlantic, like a giant hungry ferocious snake in the night, moves back and forth along the thin boundary, looking for a fracture in the wall that separates it and the prey. Good work man. The music is right on.
Bebi Bharat
Guyana the land of many water
Reena Persaud
John Lu
are yoou sure this is guyana ?
Dorneia Jones
What a beautiful video and what a scary story to think, about ,how much damage and how much danger we are in if the Government doesn't threat this our sea defense under control!!
The sea defense should be a priority on the list for the future ahead for success in our country!
If the government doesn't see this as a #1 priority for success.... in their environmental protection and as an emergency for development , then they are unprepared for catastrophic disaster that may lead to failure to make compromise in the moment of our existence to coexist !
ccaa production
Good job, Thank you for your information.
Adesha Wilson
Great quality... love it
wow i left there in 1995, there use to be sand and beach there, knowing the government will do nothing, and this needs to be a major issue.
Padmini Samuels
I have born and raise in guyana it always been like that we use to have flood in eastcoast u guys stop scared people have faith it will never happen negativity its not good be positives
Mahendra Kallu
I have never known my homeland his test beautiful
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Shell Beach Guyana THE ATLANTIC OCEAN THREATENS GUYANA'S 1 year ago   04:02

Shell Beach, located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana in the Barima-Waini Region, near the Venezuelan border, is a nesting site for four of the eight sea turtle species - the Green, Hawksbill turtleill, Leatherback and the Olive Ridley. Shell Beach extends for approximately 145 km.

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