Inconvenient Interviews w/Risa: Pilates Edwardian/Victorian Lingerie & Corset Historical 5 months ago   08:25

Hi everybody! For Inconvenient Interviews w/Risa this week, I went down to Circuit Pilates to help train the one and only Dita Von Teese. See Dita multitask like a champ as she tells us about her style muses, dressing up (or down) for Halloween, safe words, and her cat, Aleister. All while looking flawless and maintaining perfect form.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Dita’s beauty book, scheduled for release this December. And if you happen to be in Hollywood and looking for a good workout, pop on over to Circuit Pilates on Franklin and Hollywood.

Find Dita online:

Pilates Studio:
Twitter @PPSL

Melissa Trn:

Stephanie Lawrence:
Twitter and Insta: @stephielashes

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Karina Duarte
HAHAHAHA omfg.. what a GREAT INTERVIEW! I loved it hahahah
The beautifull exercice good maitrise dita von tees.
Andressa Hoese
The interviewer doesn’t know what to do with that mic. Lost a chance for a good quality interview.
Julie Small
This was so awkward
Julie Small
I want to take this class
mikayla jackson
Why cant i look this beautiful,not when i work out, just everytime??
Beryl Brown
interviewer needs a slap
BlackRoses/Black Coffee
Girl needs a voice coach
Kyriaki Frodisti
Dita's nailing the Tendon Stretch Exercise 👏👏👏
this interviewer sucks
Paula Lashes!
This is painful to watch
StrawberryNinja Nibbles
Interviewer looks a little like Gemma arterton
weird, i was actually working out while watching this video.
Kathy Munn
Fab interview and you are now part of the D-team!
Gerald Frank
Awkward & annoying is a nice description, more accurate is most incompetent interview ever!!! 🙄👎🙄👎👎👎👎 Pure Class vs classless 👎
Angel Holland
Love Dita! My favorite interview ever.
Mishita Nath
God, is she drunk ?
what a f. goes with this woman's mind,?
Someone teach this girl how to speak properly
Liv Bowen
Dita should dress up as an Instagram model😆
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Edwardian/Victorian Lingerie & Corset Historical Inconvenient Interviews w/Risa: Pilates 5 months ago   10:57

What kind of lingerie did Victorian and Edwardian-era Women wear under their clothing? Lace Embrace founder Melanie Talkington, owner of the largest privately owned collection of antique corsets in the world, shows us with a beautiful display of authentic vintage underpinnings.

The video was shot from my iPhone so please excuse the bumpiness and other filming issues. I hope you enjoy watching this sequence as much as I did!

For more lingerie content, visit me at The Lingerie Addict:

Follow me on Instagram @thelingerieaddict

And visit Lace Embrace here: