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What if we rethink the ENTIRE lore of FNAF? I'm talking taking it back to the crying child, Afton and the original suits and a mysterious Orange - yes ORANGE - Man that no one was able to figure out. What if William Afton was not the only bad guy in the story? What if someone drove Afton into becoming Purple Guy? What if Henry had a bigger part to play all along? Today we are rewriting Five Nights at Freddy's with a new twist based on NEW evidence.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Josh Langman, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Higher Places
Nearly a decade now of hearing the closing line.
“And that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY!
Thanks for watching!”
It still hasn’t lost its charm, warmth and honesty.
ʀᴇᴅᴡᴏʟғᴛʀᴀsʜ ᴏɴ Tᴜᴍʙʟʀ
16:54 ...i thought we clarified before chica (susie) was the first victim?
Yall see that thing drop near the end ?
6:20 self destruction 100
James Stangler
i was born 2011.
Jared Smith
If it wasn't for the kid in the chair of the midnight motorist mini-game saying 'He' had a rough day, leave him alone. It would have been a perfect set up for the puppet.

The scene in Ultimate Custom Night shows Chica talking about the Puppet when making mention of the 'I'll just find a window' line. I feel that was meant to hint that the scene in Midnight motorist was meant to be Afton coaxing Charlotte out of her room to go to Freddy's, she puts on a security bracelet (Like im sure her father had her do) - she gets locked out and Afton sabotages the security puppet, kills her in the Alleyway, and Henry rushes home (In the car driving segment) to check on Charlotte because he is trying to protect her as he suspects Afton. (I know, it's incorrect because the Orange man references 'He' several times, but I feel like otherwise, nothing makes sense.)

All the references to 'He' keeps tying us back to Mike/Crying Child, but that doesn't always fit cleanly into the 'story bits' that we get, like the Toy Chica cut scene in UCN. I mean, Chica is clearly talking about the Puppet in that scene, yet, Mike isn't the puppet. Especially since 'he' gets used to describe Golden Freddy even though we learn it was a girl who possess Golden Freddy I just wonder if Scott is purposefully or accidentally using 'he' to screw with us.

The other thing that bothers me is in FNAF 4 - the kids room doesn't have a window. You get up and there are 2 doors, and a closet. No window behind the bed, nothing. And yes, even in the Atari Minigames the doors aren't even shown in the kids room, but, we can clearly see there are no windows. But one thing we don't see is the 3D recreation of the empty girls room. Could there have been a window there? And if there was, that would mean Afton could have coaxed Emily outside, been killed, and now Henry is locking Mike in his room as to not lose his other child.

Which then can cover 'The Box'. If Charlotte in the books was, in a box, would it be possible that since Mike died shortly after Charlotte, that could have been the box of spare parts for the kids. Baby being the 4th version of Charlotte then makes a bit more sense because when Mike goes down into Sister Location, he makes mention of 'I did it, I put her back together again.' Could it be reference to the fact that he took 'Elizabeth' out of 'Baby' and put her into Ennard, freeing the original body of Baby from possession and allowing Charlottle to continue on? The next time we see Baby anyways, she was supposed to be ejected from Ennard, which, has no form, meaning 'Scrap Baby' is just parts she found and recreated a form she was accustomed to using to appear human like, but, well, failing.

I'm sure there is plenty of evidence to make this completely wrong, but I feel like the use of 'he' is only causing problems in clarity at this point. The only time we seem to ever hear the word 'she' was in Sister Location, 'She's watching us.' Which, I can't see a meaningful reason as to what that is addressing, other than 'Elizabeth' playing games to gain trust, like, 'Oh no, Baby is totally watching us, guess we should back off, hehe.'
allison hagan
when you were talking about the girl's room, what about Suzie?
it's a weird thought, but the mangle character on the ground!
Suzie's dog!

I don't really know where this came from but its something I was thinking about.
Gachaverse Syndrome
222 has 2

3 numbers 2 x e = 6
222 = 666
666 is the Humber of the demon
Demon has 5 letters
Illuminati has 1 eye
Page 222 = Illuminati confirmed
Faith the Gacha nugget
Why did matpat put a illusion disc on the little blue orb things in the backround
Am I the only one who realizes that Michael, the character we play as in Sister Location has a British accent. Now in FNAF 6 we hear Henry’s voice and he’s got a American accent. Now on the surface this might not mean anything cause maybe Henry’s wife has a British accent, but if you look again, Elizabeth, Afton’s daughter, also has a British accent, so wouldn’t it still be more likely that Michael is Afton’s son?
Ty S
I just realized all makes sense why mike wouldnt remember his name in logbook.... But then he would technacaly mike would be sam
Matthew Duncan
Man.. I’m so sick of this game but I still can’t stop myself watching these
Pix To Pencil
Theory: The foot prints outside of the Afton/Emily household in Midnight Motorist may belong to a twisted animatronic considering that in the same mini game, you see a pile of dirt, as you said, that maybe belonging to a twisted animatronic.
Luka Rose-Espinoza
that's not true in the game Michael Afton is who you play as and dose what he dose to in a way say sorry to his lilt bro an that lilt blonde is ELIZABETH AFTON ALSO NEVER MIND THINK WHAT YOU WANT SORRY its just my opinion not your mine... :3
Jack Terra
The box in the center of the grid. Remember what Scott said about the FNaF 4 box a couple years ago? “What’s in the box? It’s the pieces put together.”
Just an interesting thought.
Oompity Loomps
Maddie Onpointe
I still prefer Henry “no last name given” just me?
blake trembley
you so wrong:( this is the future 2045. NO one uses youtube anymore except me
So,Michael is out to find springtrap
You know, there's another angle I could see here that for sure everyone will deem me as loony and Im fine with that. It's just a possibility.
What if the Mike from the Bite 83 was indeed Henry's son and after his death, in some sick way of experimentation, Afton built the Mike robot who would become the Mike we all know? So that in a way, that's Micheal Atron, the robot boy, not Micheal Emily, the boy who died. Which also supports the idea that in the last cutscene of Sister Location, he says father and "Im gonna come find you" as well as to why he needs to remember who he is. It actually organizes the timeline a lot better in some ways if it were two Micheals but doesn't mean they both were Afton. One was.

Although doesn't account the fact that the bots there thought he was Willian in SL, which implies he had physical genetic traits to look like his, scratch that idea then. I'm a loony.
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Game Theory: Halo Armor's Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster 5 months ago   22:35

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