Albert / Flamingo Face Reveal SHARK ATTACK IN ROBLOX 2 days ago   14:00

Also thanks to DJMonopoli from Terabrite for setting up the camera for me and helping with all the technical stuff!

So yeah this is my face reveal, I'm gonna be doing face cam videos from now on, my first one goes up tomorrow and I promise they're gonna be really good and funny just give them a chance because I'm a nervous wreck LOL. I love you guys and my confidence is finally getting to where it should be.

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OK I LOVE YOU GUYS IM PANICKING BUT THANKS TO EVERYONE I WORK WITH AND KIRSTEN (MY GF IN THE VIDEO) they all have given me so much confidence and I’m panicking aaaaa go follow my Instagram I’ll update you guys there
James charles whatchu doin here?
James Butler
WHat is the name of the scary game?
x MilkTeaa
Shone's Stupid Stuff
Albert watches game grumps thats awesome af.
He went from looking like a Chad to a... uhh
MoMmY iT's NiNjA1!1!
btsmochimoo chimmy
you have longo arms 😎
He’s a REAL grandpa
Random Weirdo
For a few seconds I thought you had someone else pretend to be you and just voiced over them and then I was like ‘Wait, it’s not a prank’
Lilian Žunić
Ur gf in the background
Michael Griesheimer
Who's sleeping in the BG
Joie Perez
Flamingo also like fartmingo XD
Laggy Got Tripped
Albert! is that your boyfiend in the background?
He was fatter 5 years ago
grilled macaroni
Your face dosent match your voice
Jacob Uguil
Jacob Uguil
You look muscular before
Russell Koh
The fact that its his real voice
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SHARK ATTACK IN ROBLOX Albert / Flamingo Face Reveal 2 days ago   10:09

In today's Roblox video we play the new Shark escape game called SharkBite which is a roblox game where you either try to attack the shark or ride away from it on your boat. These are our stories.