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Goliath Heron Vs African Fish | River Otter Vs Snapping Turtle - At Up-Tube.com

Goliath Heron vs African Fish River Otter vs Snapping Turtle 1 day ago   06:10

Brad's World Reptiles
Battle of Titans! This is a great video clip showing the epic battle that happens on a daily bases between the Goliath Heron (the worlds largest heron which stands at about 4.5 ft (1.4 m) and has a wingspan of at least 7 ft (2 m) and the African Fish Eagle. The Goliath Heron is an excellent fisherman and the African Fish Eagle knows it. Once the Goliath Heron catches a fish it is vulnerable, and the African Fish Eagle swoops in to haze the heron which forces it to drop the fish. That's the eagles opportunity to snag the fish, but at high risk. If the eagle miscalculates it could be fatal to the eagle as the heron's dagger like beak could easily kill the eagle with one well placed thrust! Filmed in Kruger National Park, South Africa!

Thank you for visiting Brads World Reptiles YouTube channel! These different videos are a reflection of my passion for wildlife, wildlife conservation and my interest in creating educational opportunities about our natural world. Most of my life has been spent around domestic and exotic wildlife as a hobbyist, an animal curator, and a life science educator. This has created opportunities to meet some very interesting people, work with and observe some of our worlds most fascinating wildlife species, and enabled travel to some of the most remote places of our planet in over thirty different countries. As well, our facilities has been working with hundreds of varieties of exotic reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and arthropods that have been used in educational programs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

These videos, which were either filmed here in the United States or in different countries around the world, were either filmed recently, or up to several decades ago. I’m using Youtube as a way of sharing some of my most interesting moments.

I hope you enjoy viewing, and if you’d like to see more content with what we are doing now with public education, ecosystem preservation, and our educational exhibits at state and county fairs, please visit our website at

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Brad Tylman
Brads World Reptiles

Comments 282 Comments

Is the eagle an Osprey or a cousin of the Osprey??
The Psycho
Watch my videos and sub pl i will be uploading such amazing but raw videos soon

Aadarsha Rai
Eagle is trying to showoff.
Hairizal Dahrin
That small black bird at the end of this video, could be eaten by both of this monster birds. He supposed to know that if he wants to live longer.
Wastelander 2281
That eagle is a pussy lol
Strong heron
Adonis Limes
The real life Jurrasic Park
bull elephant seal
that heron was like get out of here 5:28
Hai lua go quao
Video của bạn kết quả nét cảnh đẹp vô cùng xem Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ để hai lúa có dịp Xem cảnh đẹp
Eletrica Mecânica Valim
esta águia encontrou um predador a altura kkkk
Rebekka riblet
Nice 👍 love nature ♥️♥️♥️
Batuhan Batuhan
I dont understand why did heron throw fish back in the water.
Rodney G
The Heron's superior hunting prowess shows just how easy it is for it to catch a fish.
عمارالحاج يحيى
مععريحى ياسين
Gotta love dinosaurs.
Shen Shy
whats epic really is how Pigeons Doves and others with me could beat kill and eat u easily modern boys,hence even i could.they love meat,we both love modern guys as meat,ur dead by me bitchessss
Mathieu van Leeuwen
Heron with beautiful colours ! Eagles are bad neighbours; no manners. Majestic my ass
Mathieu van Leeuwen
Heron with beautiful colours ! Eagles are bad neighbours; no manners. Majestic my ass
venkat raghu
Nice capture
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River Otter vs Snapping Turtle Goliath Heron vs African Fish 1 day ago   06:14

7-30-18 I saw a rustling in the thick weeds when I was out in our lake. After 20 minutes I saw an otter pop it's head up. For the next 40 minutes I waited patiently for the otter to come out in open water. I could hear sounds like it was crunching on bones so I knew it wasn't feeding on fish. When it finally came out in the open I knew the crunching sound was the otter biting and chewing the plastron of the the turtle to get into the intestines. This must be a delicacy for an otter.