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Is The Fishing Industy Tricking People | „Race For Future“ – Formula E In Berlin - At Up-Tube.com

Is the fishing industy tricking people „RACE for Future“ – Formula E in Berlin 1 day ago   06:29

DW News
Malnourished, abused and unable to escape. That's the fate of countless men who believed they had scored a promising job on a fishing boat, but ended up as modern-era slaves. Victims of human traffickers.Just how many slaves are out there is difficult to assess. There's no oversight on international waters. But monitoring groups say that forced labor and abuse are widespread in the fishing industry. With profit margins low and competition high, fisheries push their workers to work long hours and in dangerous conditions. Many of these men come from Southeast Asia, like one Indonesian crew who lived to tell the tale.
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Comments 43 Comments

Gia Pacella
Well Interpol???!!!!
Gia Pacella
TK Baha
one of the most seriously corrupt country with bribery gangster government.
Yet people still don’t realise how privileged they are just by being born in a developed country.
Andrew Love
"The Chinese along with destroying the oceans also trick people into slavery" there I fixed the title for you.
There’s videos and hunderof witnesses, what more proof do you need ? There are authorities not wanting to intervene. Corruption.
Nina Kupchenko
Poor people are always exploited. Wrong
Slavery creates 100% profits for the "master" and industry.
Jason Cyr
Sounds like every job in chinese labor industry, even if you dont leave mainland china,ask the 10 year olds making sneakers and goods in sweatshops. Good ole china, u work ,little money or we beat u ,kill your family. U make $300 American a month work 18 hr days 7 days a weeks sounds like a deal to me sign me up
Liz Brooks
Keep in mind that Europeans has a 200 years of slavery and prefer these third world remain in poverty so that their labors can cheaply exploited.
Liz Brooks
These guy should come to San Francisco or California for the lucrative and riches of the gold mountains.
Capitalism strikes again
Mi Mi
China is the enemy of the humanity
Do they have surveillance cameras on board to record the working conditions ?
ocean-friendly seafood choices can be checked here: https://www.seafoodwatch.org/-/m/sfw/pdf/guides/mba-seafoodwatch-national-guide.pdf?la=en
GMS Shar Ahmath
Lol no American should be in here complaining, this is how your country was built
Haran Sivasambu
Bad Karma suffering
Ismacil Abdisamad
Those fucking fishing thieves sell our fish Justice will come
amrit bansal
The very basis of "industry" is to exploit the labor of many for the benefit of few.....not limited to fishing industry only!
la mexicana
Indonesian are very brave workers!They are human beings not slaves!
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„RACE for Future“ – Formula E in Berlin Is the fishing industy tricking people 1 day ago   16:01

Formula 1 was yesterday for Nico Rosberg. Today it´s green racing, environmentally-friendly and innovative technologies in Formula E motorsports: The green racing circuit in Berlin.
With Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg, Dilbagh Gil’s Indian Mahindra Racing Team, and eROCKIT CEO Andreas Zurwehme. "All lights are on and we go green in Berlin". It’s the 10th race of the FIA Formula E season – this is where the present and the future meet. Eco-friendly Formula E motor racing is the ideal showcase for new and innovative mobility solutions and pushes the boundaries for day-to-day applicability. The green racing circuit has been coming to Germany's capital for the past five years – and it’s a big hit. E-mobility is the future! We accompany Formula 1 world champion and Greentech co-founder Nico Rosberg, Dilbagh Gil’s Indian Mahindra Racing Team, and the electric motorcycle company eROCKIT CEO Andreas Zurwehme to learn more.


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