Everything Wrong With Monsters If the Musical References Played with 1 week ago   16:43

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Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.

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Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Retro Stand
i hate old 3D because the characters are so repulsive its scary
Tawana 13
I mean the doors closed 1 by 1 so he could like... Also get through you know..
Rodrigo A Hernández
3:03 OOF
Jeffery Woods
I cracked up when she got hit by the asteroid
I liked Bob and Insectosarus ?? Bob was funny cause he's idk dumb and Insect was just cute
I like Space
This whole movie is just an “Advanced” version of the SCP foundation
Bob is more like a Slurp Juice Flavored Jello
This movie almost showed a naked woman
hi ppl
so ur basically saying that monsters vs aliens aren't real and couldn't possibly happen? ...mindblown?what's the point of this vid to tell people its fiction?
Rashond Grant
You should have done another “oough” after the 21st sin just to cement how bad that was 🤣
"Lazy Susan is lazy"

Love it
Stream Kaboom
3:42 What?
"At the very least, just have the dress grow with her since she was wearing it when she got struck".
Thats exactly what they did; so why are you sinning it?
Brick Tucker
I can explain the hair thing. Hair has rapidly producing cells which is why it grows so quickly, this would result in any mutation in the hair being duplicated constantly and altering the genetic code. This white hair gene would then be the only way her hair grows.
I don't know what's funnier. The fact she got hit by a meteor or the fact that I didn't laugh at any of this when I watched this when I was little
The fact that you sinned the Axel F Close Encounters sequence instead of removing a sin for it is disappointing
reptile crazy gamer
Weathermen, newspaper carriers and vampires... And the U.S Military there awake 24/7 including 5am
Zolan Destroyer
10 years to late
Arthur Morgan
did you pull out in time?

Sky Jacjson
The idea of a self destruct button came from the fact that on manny nuclear submarines there was a control called the Axe Man Lever that in the event of a nuclear reaction going out of control would be pulled causing last resort control rods to be lowered in to the reactor effectively neutralizing the reaction but this could only be reversed manually by entering the reactor room and removing the controls rods manually using a specially designed tool, however in the event of a potential reactor melt down the internal access to the reactor room would have been sealed off so the only way to access it would be through a different maintenance hatch, until after the reactor was killed the submarine would be forced to run off of diesel or surface an cal for help. While it wasn't the best for the crew or the submarine it was almost definitely better than going up in a cloud of radioactive steam. That is where the idea of the self destruct button came from.
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If the Musical References Played with Everything Wrong With Monsters 1 week ago   14:59

2 years in the making! Will do Sticky Fingers in the next video, I promise.

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