Robert De Niro on Pulling 'Vaxxed' Robert De Niro Tells Sheinelle 3 months ago   05:02

Apr 12 -- Tribeca Enterprises chair and co-founder Jane Rosenthal and Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Robert De Niro discuss why anti-vaccine documentary "Vaxxed" was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival lineup on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Etu Nimi

Dorothy Baker
Lesley-Anne Martin
The issue is not the content of Vaxxed or the validity of it's creator, De Wakefield - the issue is that De Niro pulled it. Whether he agrees or doesn't agree with the content is irrelevant. He chose the line of least resistance, the chicken line. And for that he should be held accountable.
Charles Rust
DeNiro is such a coward. Stick to your fucking guns. What's the point of having 'fuck you' money if you back down like a little bitch when you're pressed on something?

The enormous backlash against this film all but confirms the validity of its subject matter. It's easy enough to virtue signal by saying "Fuck Trump" to an audience of like-minded coastal elites, but backing down in the face of the drug lobby is the purest form of cowardice. If you lack the balls to stick to your guns on an important subject like this, just do us all a favor and keep your fucking mouth shut concerning low-hanging fruit like Trump.
Peter Petruzzi
You Lack the courage of your conviction di nero.
Peter Petruzzi
De Niro is a coward. Simple as that.
Blue Bird Jay
the slave must do what his master tells him
Brandon Smith
Fuck you deniro you traitor
And now we're paying the price for some who listened to the Anti Vaccine Movement.
Bob DeNiro didn't seem so convincing and content there. He surely was threatened somehow. But we can see how much desperate the ones in power really are, without the desired effects. Censored or not, either way this only did help the hype of the documentary and eventually truth gets known, it's just a matter of time now. Little by little, the change is coming.
Can somebody - anybody - please shoot that controlling bitch, Jane Rosenthal??
David Gutermann
No, he saw a shitty one sided movie bout vaccinations. The question of "does vaccinations cause autism?" is still a question, but it needs to be told a biased sense not a stupid film that was made by an exploitive filmmaker and hack doctor.
My impression is that diNero chickened out. Shame on him.
Don't take away our choice of what goes in OUR BODIES! And stop combining too many items in one mega shot which people's body's obviously can't handle!
Peta Barahwolfe
my daughter is vax damaged... happened in front of us... no doubt. autistic today, #vaxxed
John Batcheler
They got their asses threatened with piles of lawyers until they puke.
Lyra Pleia
look at both, i donno who threatened them and how, but they have been threatened. This is not DeNiro's determined face, that's a scared face :-/// That's why both are awfully careful with what they're saying..
James Kuno
he was told to remove it I bet. and they changed the subject...
Robert, you are a coward. Who got to you? Big Pharma? Was your life threatened? I can tell you that both of these scum bags are liars. Just remember, big pharma makes Trillions a year selling drugs. So don't fuck with them or you could find yourself in a car accident.
Rosenthal has a vested interest in playing stupid about the dangers of vaccines. This article is remarkable, a journalist doing the work that these two toady hoars of the Today Show shown be doing:
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Robert De Niro Tells Sheinelle Robert De Niro on Pulling 'Vaxxed' 3 months ago   05:03

TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones heads to lower Manhattan to catch up with actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal, co-founders of the Tribeca Film Festival. Highlights of this year’s festival include a documentary about late comedian Gilda Radner, a virtual reality film, and De Niro’s interview with Bradley Cooper.
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Robert De Niro Tells Sheinelle Jones About The Tribeca Film Festival | TODAY