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Tv Ad | Dance Pony Dance - The Pony | Dogo App | Dog Training Made Easy - At Up-Tube.com

Tv Ad | Dance Pony Dance - The Pony Dogo App | Dog Training made easy 2 days ago   01:11

Three UK
The dancing pony is back just in time for Christmas. Get creative with #danceponydance and spread some cheer with The Christmas PonyGifter http://www.theponygifter.com/

Get the track Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac here - http://po.st/EverywherePony Also available on Fleetwood Mac The Very Best Of - http://po.st/FleetwoodMacVBO

Comments 258 Comments

Best advert ever created along with the toys r us advert, these will never be beaten.
Geir Ove Vinsrygg
You are sweet 😘
Benjamin Crowle
David Lillywhite
Please bring the dancing pony back!
Stewart Kee
What sad sack could have voted this down? Great advert.
Wish ads were like this again. Please make it a thing again in the future.
Pedrososo123 gg
Like si veniste por el pony salvaje
Black Jackson Robert KOKUN :V
Pony Salvaje Navideño :V
Almendra Escobar
I couldn't remember what the advert was called, so I simply typed "advert with dancing pony" and I got a result!
🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Such a British commercial
Scott Buchanan
I have got ponies to
Telma Diaz
wctg ,referencias
Kim Fegette
I agree. Every so often I come back to look at them again and again they never get old and it picks me up!!! Too cute!!!!
Ellie Hudson
Oh my god so flipping cute
Advence Technologys.
When you do good is Jesus working in side you if you believe or not and sorry if I make you sad.
Eszter Nagy
i love this
My Horse Is Fabulous
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Dogo App | Dog Training made easy Tv Ad | Dance Pony Dance - The Pony 2 days ago   03:18

We know that phones are good for keeping us on track with our health goals but have you ever wondered what it can do for our canines?

I’m here with man’s best co-presenter, to share with you an app that should make playtime and learning that little bit more fun for our four-legged friends.

Whether your pupper is a longboy or a wrinkler, having a dog is no ‘walk in the park’. Keeping them active when you’ve had a long day at work can sometimes be a struggle, that’s where Dogo comes in!

Dogo is a training app that offers easy to track goals to get your dog to sit, roll over and even crawl. Each trick is split into levels so you can get your pet moving from puppy to sensei in no time.

Before starting with the lessons you can enter your pets details, including a cute little snap and then decide if and when you would like reminders to train. After all, Practise makes perfect!

You can learn the tricks in any order. Select ‘trick’ from the bottom menu to browse, and simply follow the instructions. Dogo also has some fun challenges you can attempt with other users around the world. The hardest part is making sure you have enough treats.

So the next time your dog is bursting with energy and you’re sure they speak French not English, try out Dogo and see if it helps.

Find out more at Three.co.uk/Discovery

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