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03. It’s been just over 6 weeks since I’ve moved to Korea and haven’t posted an actual update, so here it is (mom).

Here’s why I moved, what I’m doing, how I’m doing and some expectations I had and/or didn’t have for Korea.

I also just uploaded a video I shot on the same day on 10 unusual things that are normal in Korea, check errr outttt :)

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Much Love N Hugz
Saron Asmerom
Can you speak the language
I like the way you talk, it's cheerful and easy to watch :) love your personality! I'm definitely subscribing, I'm looking forward to seeing more videos.
I know what you mean
Rather misplace my wallet than my trust
I'm glad you don't have the intro thing... just straight to the point. Other people seem to go overboard with it.
You are officially my fav person to watch! Can I ask how old are you? Im also in that stage where Im applying to teach abroad only in Japan! So i hope that goes well :D
Andre the A&P
2:30 I know exactly what you mean. In the West, there's racial tension, in the East it's just curiosity.
You're so pretty. And i love your eyes. They are so cute ;)
Kaila Ji Young
What advice would you have to someone that wants to move to Korea
Naomi Kwon
It's super cool your cousin came with you! Is she also teaching? Or just along for the traveling? :)
Autumn Hillman
So, I wanted to thank you. Your videos help me a lot. I plan on teaching english in South Korea. And I am thankful that their are many youtubers out here to vlog or give experience updates and what to expect. When the idea of teaching english came into my mind- I was pretty pumped that I figured out what I wanted to do after school was done, and then nervous. Nervous because I didn't know what I would expect. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your videos, and you for taking the time to make it. I am ready. Thank you
Salty Queen
We have the same hair type, what products do you uuuuuse? I use water and Jesus
Viv Ian
Loving the quality of each video and the content you are making. Hope your channel grows (which I'm sure it will 😎). ❤️❤️
Michelle Park
Hey💕,are you Ethiopian?
great! seen all of them! love them:) I will be moving to Korea soon :)
Tona Firnges
Can you make a video on the program you went through and the process? Talk about Aclipse. What did you major in ? Did you travel with family? Do you mind telling us your age ? what were you doing professionally before you moved to Korea ?
Lij Nhatty
I'm in love with you~❤😍lol?
Monica Delgado
Hey girl! Love your videos. I got a teaching job in South Korea, I leave in 2 weeks!
Rocco Brown
Let me first tell you i'm a fan of the videos...I'm going through the hiring process now (to teach in S. Korea) and i'm trying to narrow down what city I would prefer to teach in. If you don't mind me asking, what city you currently teach in and are their other African American expats there? I would prefer to be in city where i'm not the only African American around =)
gems ah
finelly east african in korea...subdscribed! :)
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Korean Couple VS Reality (With Why I’m in Korea - Do I like it - Expectations 1 day ago   02:55

Many people think Korean couple have a lot of weird things. But this video will explain that might be misunderstanding. Korean couple is not always like you think :)

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