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"my Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live From | Edwin San Juan "slant-Ed Comedy - At Up-Tube.com

"My Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live from EDWIN SAN JUAN "Slant-Ed Comedy 11 months ago   04:08

Jo Koy
The day my mom met my brother-in-law Dre, from my 2017 special "Live from Seattle" available only on Netflix.

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Comments 445 Comments

Peter Cho
Funny video
Janelle Jores
Mateo casillas
Philippino Jedi shit

That line was everything
Jesalyn Hermogeno
I wanna meet his mom .😅
drummer boy
Finally another race that understands our needs! I'll leave my girlfriend side for a great piece of chicken.
Tropic Thunda Braddah
i think local foreign mothers in countries like micronesia and the phillipines have indirectly racist mothers. i hate to say but so as my mother jokoy
Mike Grizz
Somebody tell this lame excuse for a comedian to find another job....
Eric Lacson
Anyone else here get punished for telling your parents to not be racist to friends of a different race?
Unknown Beast
Loved it but what song is at the end?
Omg..I watched this 1000 times and still makes me laugh lol
Sade Love
Did a commercial just make me cry?
Skullknight 5653
Can someone please tell me the name of the outro song
Cheeto Hot
Us Filipinos love chicken
We even added fried chickens in mcdonalds in the Philippines
Written Teen
I'm black but I'm don't like chicken....
Joseph Cordova
Krissyanuhh Bayutas
i can only relate on a note when it comes from my grandparents.
jimin’s jams
jokoy is actually the best comedian
Freie Seele
Linda L Bella
I just love you go jo coy
Minda Rosero
Why don’t you and your Mom do the show together in the stage. I am pretty sure the building will collapse.
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EDWIN SAN JUAN "Slant-Ed Comedy "My Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live from 11 months ago   05:08

EDWIN SAN JUAN "Slant-Ed Comedy II" a.k.a. Pacific Rim Comedy Slam
premiered New Year's Eve and runs through 2011
As one of the leading Filipino comedians in the world, Edwin San Juan is
known for his trademark "SlantEd" comedy shows. In this special, he
brings together the best and brightest Pacific Rim comics for a night of
in-your-face comedy. Featured performances by Joey Guila of San Francisco,
Bernadette Balagtas of the Philippines, Canadian Native Ron Josol, the
observational humor of Dan Gabriel, and crazy man Paul Ortega. This special
showcases the best of Pacific Rim and Asian comedy. 60 Minutes run time. Coming to DVD Soon!!

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