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Al Pacino | Al Pacino's House Tour | 16144 High Valley Place - At Up-Tube.com

Al Pacino | Al Pacino's House Tour 16144 High Valley Place 1 day ago   03:37

sports Live24
Al Pacino | Al Pacino's House Tour In Hollywood Hills-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Comments 22 Comments

paul joseph
The man has class i was not expecting that at all from him, and good luck to him he has worked hard so he deserves it.
Thought Al might have a more..down to earth/modest style.
Melinda Smith
How do we know this is really where Al Pacino lives???
Gennie Jefferson
Who lives there with him?
Daniel Budovsky
) will
Usha Ramaswamy
I dont see the purpose of these huge,lifeless,soulless, space for a single man or even a family man
Ber P.
I do admire his architects talent for mixing so many styles in one house, so that it ends up having none whatsoever.
Jackson Irving
Wouldn't like your fuel bills Al lad... Must cost a fortune too keep warm in the winter.
Barbara DeSelle
Beautiful but a bit too sterile.
Lee bearrat
Lives like scarface
Eddie Mautone
I like al Pacino he is one of my favorite actors so cool he is
Vera Aloe
Beautiful house. Beautifully furnished, but devoid of personality. No personal possessions, no shoes near the doorways, no undercrackers on the bedroom floor, no animals, no cups on the draining board. I wish these film would actually reflect the people who own the property. 😔
It looks like Tony Montana's house. :) Magnificent! as Al.
melanie blake
Beautiful stunning paradise for me we share the same birth date 25 April
Yarethyadira Cervantes
Riviera ranch
pearl trotter
Beautiful. I wish i could live there.
Almudena Carnero
Estaba yo tomando unas clases dime es o no estudia o no ay ba decir va que esplicar ok grc grc grc
Almudena Carnero
Hola saludos. Bueno bueno bueno grc grc grc ay unos no digo na ok grc grc grc te llege my postal te envió con sello grc grc grc.
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16144 High Valley Place Al Pacino | Al Pacino's House Tour 1 day ago   03:27


The most exquisite home in the exclusive Royal Oaks celebrity enclave area of Encino. Sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac, this newly built private luxury estate offers every amenity for the discerning homeowner.
Protected by tall hedges and security gates, park in one of your two 2-car garages, then with a push of the custom pivot entry door, your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful chevron patterned white oak floors, the rose gold chandelier, the glass encased wine cellar and a framed view of the exceptional outdoor entertaining area. Welcome home.
Every inch of this home has been thoughtfully designed with artful touches and executed with vision and craft. The builder has thought of details that you couldn’t imagine, but appreciate nonetheless.
Awash in natural light this California Contemporary home features an open and modern floor plan. The formal entry leads to the living room and bar area with a hip and bespoke design including black brick that look out onto the yard and covered outdoor lounge space through massive sliding glass disappearing floor-to-ceiling doors. The home cinema features state-of-art projection and sound systems that offer a supremely comfortable space to watch a movie, or catch a game.
This 8 bedroom home includes the stunning master bedroom on the second level that includes a fireplace and closet space that accommodates a fashion icon’s wardrobe. Large sliding glass doors open to the balcony overlooking the private grounds.
Above the second floor is a rooftop loft perfect for secluded al-fresco dining and entertaining under the stars.
The beautifully landscaped backyard is perfect for entertaining with sparkling pool, covered bar, outdoor lounge, and basketball court. The two bedroom, two bathroom 1,700 square foot two-story guest house is impeccably finished with gourmet kitchen, living room and plenty of space and ambiance to serve as its own retreat.
Lush grounds and meticulous attention to detail instill this lifestyle property with the incomparable grandeur, privacy and accommodations to make this THE home of the Valley. It’s your move.