Living in a Tiny House Stinks Tiny House is a Super Efficient 9 months ago   07:29

Tiny House Giant Journey
I'm going to get real with you, and tell you why (sometimes) living in a Tiny House is terrible. In this video, I talk about the cons, in my pros and cons list, of living small.

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Tiny House Parking Legalities:
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By the way, I LOVE MY DOG. She's my baby. I won't be getting rid of her, despite my complaining about the hair and smells.

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Tiny House Giant Journey
By the way, I LOVE MY DOG. She's my baby. I won't be getting rid of her, despite my complaining about the hair and smells. And, yes, I put her outside for the sake of a laugh for the video. But she was let back in moments later with pets and treats.
Tanya Jordening
Love! Love! Love! This video. Thank you for making it, sharing it and being real!
b n
So many seem very obvious. Nothing surprised me here and are things I've thought about with a tiny house.
b n
Wouldn't want a bed up in a loft.
6 Max Grinder
Jenna, if i started dating a woman that lived in a tiny house and she showed me how to use the toilet I wouldn't care in the least bit. We are both adults. Com' mon.
Xena Jada
I love your dog!
Lone Wolfy
My tiny house is 4000 sqr feet.
Lone Wolfy
What's that dot on the side of your head.
Donald Lamont
My first thought is why don't you take off your shoes before entering your house to keep your house from getting dirty? My second thought is that when you are going to a wedding, why don't you rent a gown to wear, as renting a gown would be much cheaper than buying one, especially since you have to dispose of the gown after wearing it once. A third thought is that living in a tiny house would be an incentive for fat people to lose weight, since you have to watch the weight of everything when living in a tiny house, and losing weight would free up weight for other belongings.
Kathy Tackett
I LOVE your honesty - when I watch tiny house videos I think about the same things you just said were a downside
Yep. I like my coach conversion, 215 square feet, actual plumbed toilet, and it doesn’t look like a hippie fortress with recycled bullshit for furniture...🤷🏻‍♂️
Info Frequency
Thank you for being real! I am worried about the water supply. We have rules here in NY, and although we all know its government control rather than safety issues, that still makes it hard to get around. I believe every tiny house builder should have to inform people of all the challenges, not just the perks. In the end, they cost to much to buy, same as some regular homes, and with all the hassles you have to go through one has to wonder if the price and troubles are worth it. The whole point is to be able to save money and live the life we all dream of, like affording the things you can't living in a full size house! We all dream of having that extra money in our pocket so we rule our lives, not our lives rule us, etc... live our dreams before we die and all. So thanks! More people should post on this topic, especially about all the rules and constictions!!!
Titank Production
Although i'm interested in tiny houses, i'd like to point something out, completely off-topic : Americans i see in videos always have impeccable white teeth. This shit is crazy. Has anyone else ever noticed that ? I'm jealous ffs :D Anyway, thanks for sharing those informations on the hardships of living tiny.
Mary Kent
Thank you very informative and eye opening
John Andrew
Thank you I loved your video as most of them focus on fun stuff and don't give you an idea how much work you have to do and the many things you have to beware off.
Beverly Sutherland
All I have to say is:
Thanks for keeping it Real!
I'm very interested in a tiny house.
So, good information to know.
Mols Mama
Very helpful and informative!!
Bob Piddington
Oh i meant ask, are you going to stay in that tiny little house, or whats next for you?
Bob Piddington
You are one awesome woman, I must would have been a great actress, your very articulate, and very smart. Gosh if i was only 30 years younger, ..haha..great video..
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Tiny House is a Super Efficient Living in a Tiny House Stinks 9 months ago   05:44

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