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I Found A Grenade While Magnet | Bikers Are Nice | Biker Helping - At Up-Tube.com

I Found A Grenade While Magnet BIKERS ARE NICE | BIKER HELPING 2 days ago   21:53

Daniel Bowens
Today I decided to go magnet fishing at an old abandoned bridge. Using a massive magnet I made an explosive discovery. A GRENDADE! In a Rural county creek. Who would have thought?!

I Found Something Huge While Magnet Fishing With A 2000lb Magnet

Magnet fishing with Outdoors Weekly

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Grappling Hook - https://amzn.to/2VM8P2t

1200lb Magnet - https://amzn.to/2HN4l4j

880lb Magnet - https://amzn.to/2IJ3qTY

350lb Magnet - https://amzn.to/2C1wcxu
(My recommended starter magnet)

242lb Magnet - https://amzn.to/2BZtlVQ

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Instagram- Danny_Magnet

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EL Champoo
Fire, extinguisher, handle?😂😂😂... In what fuc**ng world?... Either he's full of crap or he's just a dank... the type to get his car towed 25 miles to the dealership and instead of riding the tow truck he takes an uber and he tells the dealership that it wont crank up and all the dealership had to do is use the charging pack😂
I would not have called these cops. Your intentions were good but remember the old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished." You should "Take the high road" when dealing with idiots, which shouldn't be very hard at all.
Lord Infamous
Dont ever call the pigs, the fuck you thinking homie
haleigh hitchcock
Wow this these cops are something else, especially when he wants to stay here and keep saying that he fabricated the entire thing but he didn't cuz we watch to pull it out of the water and we watch him talk to the city worker and how these cops are reacting to the whole situation is not right and bringing up military service as irrelevant because it has nothing to do was finding the grenade.
That cop is a real jerk. And you wonder why nobody wants to get involved with the police.
Phoenix Games
How the hell do they know it’s not a grenade
You’re an absolute moron. End of story.
I'm sorry what was that argument about!
Beast gamer grex Anga
Next time plz dont hold something that looks like an grenade olz if u dont want to lose your hand or life
I can't believe how unprofessional those police are even if you are in the wrong they shouldn't be talking over you and being rude most of the time I've seen them remain silent this cop had a mouth on him if he was smart he would have shut up and not said a word unless spoken to by his superior.
a A rRB b uzU Z
Dude you act like a lil kid when that policeman was suspicious abot that whole situatuon...
Devin Johnson
He finds it at 9:50
Like so it’ll be at the top
gijeeper gijeeper
This is a great example of exactly WHY YOU NEVER CALL THE POLICE. These two criminals are stellar examples of why honest people don't like cops. They didn't want the hassle of investigating and if the guy pressed, it would have been easier to just arrest him on mischief. The key was "is that video recording", once a cop says that you watch out. Shut up and don't engage them but keep recording until they go away. Dude, consider yourself lucky that you didn't get a felony arrest record out of this and NEVER CALL THE POLICE.
Smooth Bob
FUUUUUUCK THE POLICE... Hope this cop catches a slug
The Last Sane American
This is pristine lesson on living in America. Never call cops. They rarely resolve whatever issue you've called them about and always add a layer of complexity and headache. Why? Because American cops don't exist to protect and serve. They exist to show you who's boss while serving as a protective buffer between the haves and have nots. I've traveled countries that have excellent local, provincial and federal police. Courteous, professional, helpful and friendly. But that's not the assholes in this country that fancy themselves some sort of paramilitary Rambos and those two uniformed buckets of blubber exemplified it.
Stan B
How the hell do you have a DD214 and not immediately recognize that as a grenade fuse. And how do you think that it is some kind of high explosive?
Joseph Sproule
Now I want to try magnet fishing
Coty Gillingham
Yeah I'm always recording.... Except when the "explosion" happened
Joey Moore
That officer was being so unprofessional and rude.
Chris Brent
Man what idiots are these cops are idiots and why does no one know what a grenade detonator locks like. The spoon hanging off the top of the thing should give it away.
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BIKERS ARE NICE | BIKER HELPING I Found A Grenade While Magnet 2 days ago   07:06

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