Why Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise (It's How dangerous are diesel emissions? | DW Documentary 1 day ago   03:26

Wall Street Journal
The number of pedestrian deaths in the U.S. reached a nearly 30-year high in 2018, according to a report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. WSJ explains what might be driving that trend. Illustration: Mallory Brangan/The Wall Street Journal

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Grant Goldberg
People walk out into the middle of the street without even looking. That's why peds are getting killed.
Denis Korotkov
Lame video and conclusion. Best part of Vision Zero — road and crossings shaping to slow down cars and adding more safe space for pedestrians.
Resident Evil
Pedestrians are stupid. Drivers are stupid. There is your answer
Lazonby Bear
Lower fuel Price's 🇬🇧
Doc Holliday
If the antigun lobby has taught me anything, to solve this problem we must ban crosswalks. If people don't see a place to cross, they won't be in the street.
We need to separate streets and sidewalks more. Perhaps larger cities could build some kind of walking overpass for their busiest intersections/crossings, thus making it impossible (at those specific locations) for an individual to end up in front of a car.
Axis Galaxis
Chinese dont put car n people crossings in front of bullet trains cuz u get hit n die....if walking..look at every crossing as a chance to die...do not cross unless u are fully aware of cars n motorcycles...n even then u may still get hit n die! Cuz your trying to cross a intersection in a meat suit full of metal machines that can kill you!
Ben Sama
Lower fuel prices my asshole, gas has skyrocketed from earlier this summer
I have another theory: people thinking having the right of way means they're invincible against a ton of metal.
Taras G
"So what can be done to curb this trend?" takes the cake as the most poorly-timed unintentional pun I've heard
in uganda it seems as if its lawless
people drive the way they want
we need self driving cars
that way no need to drive, just sit there using ur phone while the car drives itself
Nashwan Murad
Why would a state not ban texting while driving?!?!?!!
Yusof Sarangani
Punishments for drunk should be more punitive to act as a credible deterrent. In this age of driver hailing apps, drunkards have no excuse. There should be active policing of cars originating from these red destricts to ensure no drunk drivers join the driving pools.
Also, velocity achieved by SUVs and light trucks cruising in densely populated areas should be strictly regulated.
Incoming Anarchy
Where im at (Northern Virginia) people drive more recklessly....
Ray B
Their fault for jaywalking
only photoshop
Why? Because pedestrians go outside. Stay inside
Hungry Guy
What the government needs to do is ban hunting whales with a crossbow while riding backwards on a camel in Idaho...
I’ll save you 3 minutes. Basically yeah its smartphones fault
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How dangerous are diesel emissions? | DW Documentary Why Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise (It's 1 day ago   28:26

Diesel cars were long praised as being eco-friendly, now they are considered to be highly polluting. Strict EU limits on NO2 levels could lead to Diesel cars being banned. How dangerous are Diesel emissions really?

Hundreds of thousands of people in German cities like Stuttgart and Cologne face the prospect of being unable to drive to work because of bans on most types of diesel cars in downtown areas. Environmental Action Germany says diesel emissions cause the premature deaths of 13.000 people each year in Germany. Yet the case is not as clear-cut as it might seem.

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) is behind the wave of diesel driving bans facing German cities. The NGO has taken authorities here to court for exceeding legal levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions. These are much lower in the European Union than they are in the United States, for example. While 100 micrograms of NO2 per cubic meter are permitted in the US, EU rules stipulate that levels should not exceed 40 micrograms. But the relation between road traffic levels and emission levels is not straightforward. Recently, Oldenburg recorded record levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution on a day when the northern city’s downtown was closed to cars and trucks.

Experts are also at loggerheads. While environmentalists cite World Health Organization studies, lung specialists like Stuttgart-based hospital consultant Dr. Martin Hetzel have called the diesel debate “pure panic-mongering”. The former head of the German Respiratory Society (DGP), Dr. Dieter Köhler, agrees. He says cigarette smoke and smoke from candles are much more harmful. And the case of Hamburg also shows that driving bans are no quick fix. Two months after the introduction of the diesel ban, NO2 levels in the northern German city had increased rather than dropped. Twelve million German drivers of diesel vehicles are feeling the pinch. The cars being advertised as green just a few years ago are now worth practically nothing.

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