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Züleyha Arslan
10:51 phone of the guy on the left doesn't have a camera. anyone else noticed that ?
Isabel Morgan
When my cats are being annoying I look at them and say "the birds work for the bourguasie" and the walk away.
Edit: i can't spell
Tabi Butler
0:55 I'm friends with those dipshits, no lie
Pixel Gaming
19:17 wtf
Alaura-Faye Stallings
21:22 M-Merle? Merle Hightower Highchurch? Why- are you - okay.
Maryann Peterson
do not click read more

I warned you, its pointless
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This is equivalent to a bunch of trash rammed in one vid and its disgusting.
No one:
TAZ Stans: *mErLe HiGhChUrCh?!*
green science909
why did people start using Cradles bt Sub Urban
Chloe J.
What’s wrong with Alabama? 🤔
Breann Buckmaster
Ok the one with states it's true though Alabama is the worse been trying to get out since I was 12
Harry Potter
Sneaky Kitty166
Sword Art Online season 2 deserved to be in the Hall of Shame, but SEASON 3 DOES NOT BELONG THERE! Season 3 was not bad enough to be in the Hall of Shame, nor good enough to be in the Hall of Fame, but it wasn’t horrible!😤
Rita Manglona
2:57 Cam no you can’t
21:30 Fun fact: that girl saw the duet and commented something along the lines of "How could I be so wrong"
cat lover dylan
2 38 hearing my crush likes me
Lpssunny Official
I’m a furry
XXX _Boiy
LOL at 20:52 Thick Grils
Fintastic Finley
The last one! That was a cosplay of merle! From the adventure zone!
the toaster
Alabama > California
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ACTUALLY Funny TikTok IRONIC TikTok memes that shall 2 days ago   16:29

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