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Daniel D Gordon
We tour the campus of the University of Virginia. Included is a look at the rotunda on the campus made by Thomas Jefferson. This was the inspiration for the Capitol rotunda in DC. We also review the Cavalier Inn, which is a hotel located on campus.
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Bill Bergendahl
It was in July 2008 that I had the opportunity to visit the University of Virginia. From what I gather living on The Lawn is seen as a status symbol.
Us whom work and attend the University of Virginia never ever refer to it as a campus. It is grounds.
Mary VanderWall
FYI: It's called the "Grounds" not the campus. :)
Chandra Rimal
how many viu in virginiya and where are they?
M Aldelamy
marry me lazvwegas77
Troy Prinkey
Did you get to the pavilion gardens? they're easily the most beautiful part of campus, great for quiet contemplation and quiet reading,
Troy Prinkey
Cicadas, not fireflies
Troy Prinkey
Cooper's Hawk
João Victor
Such a nice video. I couldn't finish watching it without leaving a comment on this nice video. Thanks. :)
Lili T
Beautiful Thanks
Sopheap LY
Is that a tennis ball tree? Nice tour!
Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs
How is he retarded?
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