3 Hours Arabian Music | Relaxing Relaxing instrumental house music 3 months ago   3:01:33

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Artist: Kevin MacLeod
Title: Desert City

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Comments 327 Comments

Jo Williams
Love this music very much. Hail Father Aten!
Faiza Ch
what is this 3 hours of this fucking music?😯😕😑
Elias Kradel
Greeting from an American seeking to broaden his mind.
Cornelious Stradivarius
This goes so well when playing in Zandalar (World of Warcraft) :D
this stuff take me back to the game Age of Empire
jake glenn
This is excellent/
Rendez-Vous Contes !
Merci pour la musique qui a accompagné notre partie de jeu !
Thanks :)
Yesenia Gomez
Hola Ahla bella música y que bellos sus paisajes siiiiii me encanta me da mucha paz
Julian Lapidus
Nice desert picture
Sounds like it’s from a video game
Hey Zen, call this Dornish Music and watch the views take off. Do we need to justify the fact that this clearly isn't Arabic? No. Why? Because it's Dornish you fool.
It's just a variation of the theme from HBO's Rome played over and over again.
Conor Henderson
Salami Lakumi

Salami friend
The repetition...make it stop...
Hey. I sent you a message on Google Plus, if you wouldn't mind reading it. It's about this video.
Miss Understood
Music is the bridge to ALL cultures.
Sea Siren
I love it but wish there was a bit more to it. It would be great if it 'went somewhere.' Beautiful nonetheless.
Orlando Pantoja
Listening to this while I read Dune.
Robert Rijkers
so you took Kevin McCloud's 1:29 'desert city' composition and looped it for 3 hours..... and managed to steal away his views without giving any props.... https://up-tube.com/upvideo/fR-T44SOr1D
If you think this is indian music or some shit like that go fuck yourself because arabic music and Indian music are totally different and stop fucking assuming middle eastern are Indians you uneducated fucks because if you go to some parts of the middle eastern countries then you will change your fucking stupid thinking and ill guarantee you will start to educate yourself before speaking. Saudi Arabia is country full of different people wether its white European to the darkest skin Africans and same goes to Yemen which is my country and its full of yemenis that come from places and I see lots of africans, people originally from Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia and many other different ethic groups. stupid fucks.
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Relaxing instrumental house music 3 Hours Arabian Music | Relaxing 3 months ago   1:40:06

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