I Explored a NETHER FORTRESS in Minecraft My Minecraft House CAN FLY! 4 months ago   48:55

oh boi. big episode.
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I hope you enjoy this video guys, I'm sorry I couldn't put my all into editing it, but I was up until 2am to get this out for you guys. I promise that future episodes will have more fun stuff in.

For now. Please enjoy.

Appreciate you
Prickiley Gaming
Dan why where you watching your own YouTube channel
Caroline Harned
Dan... 500 x 8 is 4000, not 10,000
Dan: kisses for everyone
Dan: mowwwwa!!!!

Armorer villager: -^_^-
Dan: actually I'm not gonna kiss all villager
Other villager: why does he hate us
I hope you can ride a ghast
Also DTDM(2023) -
I hope you can ride ender dragon
Imara Saad
i did this in hardcore and i died even though there were no pillagars but there were vexs
Benjamin Lyngdoh
Ba ba ba ba ba baa baa BAP
- dan 2019
Mr. derpamelon
47:49 dats a new face
Dion williams
What is DanTDM didn't have looting on his sword
Mr. Peep
:dan *falls* also dan: *throws computer out window* me: that's what I'd do too dan:*rages as hard as he can* me: i-i- I think I'm gonna leave
Mr. Peep
Drawing master Yt
Hey dan did you know you can use lava as fuel and if you use it it burns 100 items in a furnace
Drawing master Yt
Dan do you know if you mine the gravel with a picacks it increases the chance of getting flint
Desire van Graan
Dan:Block them in so that they can get out

Forgets they can go through walls
Ivy Does Something
I feel bad for Dan. I'm younger than him and I can solve 800 x 3 quick.
(Not that I am hating I just feel bad.)
music Studio
Hi Hi
this video is almost an hour Long,
thank u
Holden A
7:15 I think that the gast is working with endermen
JDI 123
You came from your mum
jessica mcgoldrick
What about buddy
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My Minecraft House CAN FLY! I Explored a NETHER FORTRESS in Minecraft 4 months ago   16:10

my house has PROPELLORS!
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