I Explored a NETHER FORTRESS in Minecraft My Minecraft House CAN FLY! 2 days ago   48:55

oh boi. big episode.
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I hope you enjoy this video guys, I'm sorry I couldn't put my all into editing it, but I was up until 2am to get this out for you guys. I promise that future episodes will have more fun stuff in.

For now. Please enjoy.

Appreciate you
mr.mario Gamer
actually when you die ire or lava the totem gives you fire resistence
Roo7y Ana
So that you dont get lost again take banner and name it and then place it and then every time you get lost go check the map and then you will see a banner on the map
Ginger Breadman12456
Fun fact i died in the nether once
I Cage
DAN: illager
ME:😑 IT’S A Pillager!
epic kitty kat
I Cage
2009 881
Michell De Vos
*Dan* "that is not Dan proof"
*Me* "so your bridge is Dan proof?"
Minghan Mingyen
Now, i think dan needs to sing darwin's song in the amazing world of gumball
Carl Gamer
Dan is genius in math then me.. 😅
kelly thompson
good luck kiss😂😂😂
This is singlehandedly the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a long time
Dan: Mines for three hours to get away from the Woodland Mansion
Also Dan: Gets back home to see the exact thing he was running away from
Sana Tanner
I hope I can see you one day
nightmare 101
Dan: we need to build 2 portals
Me: you forgot there is a portal in the village?
Fortnite clips 900.0
Dan: *gets flint* but *pickes up gravel*
cj Howard
when he is in the nether the biome says enderman holiday
Mauricio Minjarez
You should play fortnite
Tdcgaming mcpe play review
Dan the only way you can get a withur skull you have to take a charge creeper and let it explode with the withur skeleton and when it dies it'l drop a wither skull

Please do this😉😉😉
Crash Bot
Can’t wait for dan to hear some cave sounds, aw man...
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My Minecraft House CAN FLY! I Explored a NETHER FORTRESS in Minecraft 2 days ago   16:10

my house has PROPELLORS!
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