ANIME HOUSE 2 The Stranger (Short Film) 2 weeks ago   16:17

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The Second Installment to the popular series Anime House! Where Anime Characters all live together under one roof! Make Sure You leave a Like And A Comment After Watching This

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No shit you guys make me want to watch anime...what should be my first anime to watch from the RDCworld1 bros
Mugen might actually be a better swordsmen than Inuyasha and Ichigo but lets me real.......Kenshin would drop all 3 of them. Maybe Jin or the God Hand but not Mugen lol. Also....CAN WE PLEASE STOP with this Vegeta weaker than Goku nonsense, they're basically even without Ultra instinct and Vegeta might even be stronger with his evolved pride blue form that he can do any time unlike Ultra Instinct. The dude 1v1'd GOD Toppo without going ultra........Vegeta is still sooooooo slept on and its crazy.
anthony hunter
Shockwave 117
Orochimaru - ive died 3 times in the show and found a way to come back. If anyone lost to the plot me.
Jose Vasquez
Best anime related channel rocking since day 1 oh and that shirt and sweatshirt has been copped
v Omni-King
vegeta shouldve won against saitama
im dieing inside
We need Midoriya in this shit XD
i just figured these dudes are the wu-tang clan of skits fr
Tjack Remastered
What swordsman mark play as
Cate M.
Why do they play Vegeta like that
Im only one minute in and i cant stop laughing this one for the win
This is too good, I'm dead=) We need Anime House 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it doesnt matter who vegeta is fightng if he is fighting a 1st fiddle he will lose
I wonder if japanese people watch anime in english
''Is my dad a dead beat'' Lmao!
Lol!!! Loved it! When ya boy got that mail.... Lol!
Song Outro ?
Raven Roth
Is that the castle crashers shop song? I love you guys
And we need video game house 4
We need part 3
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The Stranger (Short Film) ANIME HOUSE 2 2 weeks ago   07:16

On a dark, stormy night, two friends are intruded on by an unknown serial killer (AKA "The Stranger"). Will the teenagers make it through this short film? Find out and see! Halloween is coming watch and get scared!