ANIME HOUSE 2 The Stranger (Short Film) 3 months ago   16:17

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The Second Installment to the popular series Anime House! Where Anime Characters all live together under one roof! Make Sure You leave a Like And A Comment After Watching This

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Bruh the fucking piens
Jay Parker
Man I wanted to see how Satiama will be in this, but he should be more in this
Reenu chan
I fell in love with

This video
Razz Sama
No gintama huh..
Some guy on a phone
Saitama isnt that strong
Some guy on a phone
Actuly Yami God cards where band in 2007
Reginald Hendrix
i love that sasuke was in the swordsmen group :)
I love the ending. This whole video is dope, still the ending is killer. Great work RDCworld1!
Ayyan Khan
IM GONNA BE THE WIZARD KING asta shut up I'm trying to read SHUT UP SHORTY that had me laughing
TheCheesecakeCalico _
every time Light said *“Imma bout to murder this-“* I lost it lmao
fuckin cryin over killua that aint it chief
I hope Anime 3 they include Tanjiro
Btw whats the outro song
Ange Frebo
this is sick
Altaf Hussan
wheres kaneki??? XD
Mr. Sacks
Did anyone want to see byakuya and more ichigo?
What show is Afro from and was he fighting zoro and kenshin
David Deloera
Like how bout kira use the death note to kill everyone the the just all go after L
Toia Watson
he beat his meat
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The Stranger (Short Film) ANIME HOUSE 2 3 months ago   07:16

On a dark, stormy night, two friends are intruded on by an unknown serial killer (AKA "The Stranger"). Will the teenagers make it through this short film? Find out and see! Halloween is coming watch and get scared!