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Anna And The Apocalypse Clip: "turning | Anna And The Apocalypse Break Away - At Up-Tube.com

Anna and the Apocalypse Clip: "Turning Anna and the apocalypse break away 6 months ago   00:58

Orion Pictures
Anna unknowingly sings and dances her way through the zombie apocalypse in this brand new clip! Get the hit soundtrack now, and see Anna and the Apocalypse in theaters starting 11/30! Tickets available here: http://tickets.annaandtheapocalypse.com/

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Moments with Jenya
Great British Musical 😍
Talon Diwisch
That baby being eaten was disgusting.
Seiryoku Bonne
Female-lead Shaun of the Dead? Hmm, neat.
Jareth The Goblin King
So is that baby gonna be a zombie baby or is just a snack?
Carlee Maurier
HD Pictures
0:23 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!???!!! I thought this was a musical comedy
Lugo Playz Arcade
To bad this is on of those companies gives you permission to adv their movie then copyrights you thanks
Uncle Lester
I’d nuke that town
Diys Y
I couldn’t watch it we’re I was at 😢 but can’t wait til it comes out to rent on dvd
Trash Daddy
Yo my heart kinda broke when I saw the baby
Daddy Smurf
I couldn't find it in theaters when it came ouT T-T
T Movies
Loved this movie. Seen it twice in theaters.
Oliver_ Spier
I hope this movie has Blu-ray or Dvd in my country. It looks good for me. Musical, zombie, teenage!!!
lol That’s film near wear I live 😂 Port Glasgow
Lucas Hernandez
she's hot and has the voice of an angel.... check
Doug Beaulieu
Saw this last week and it was AWESOME. So much fun, and great songs. Seriously you won't be disappointed.
Let’s reach 1000 subscribers without any Videos
Stupid mum just threw their child
william wallace
How the heck do you ignore zombies eating people? I love the entire song but these two are idiots if they didn't notice this going on around them. A real zombie would have eaten them halfway through the number. Which they could have done and it be hilarious. The other one would be singing still as you hear the other one being eaten scream in the chorus. lol
So looking forward to this. :)
Pass. I’m so tired of zombies. There’s no longer any desire to see zombies in every single context imagineable. Even trying to subvert tropes is an trope itself when it comes to zombies.
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Anna and the apocalypse break away Anna and the Apocalypse Clip: "Turning 6 months ago   03:57

the audio mixed with the video and some extra bits of the film added in to blend in.. i do not own any rights to this song...

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