Trump hoodwinked OPEC: Phil 3 months ago   04:01

Fox Business
PRICE Futures Group senior analyst Phil Flynn on the outlook for oil.

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Danny C. Jewell
Nice to see you Phil,Looks like you are staying up on the game
Charles Henley
Cavuto doesn't likeTrump but Neil needs to admit it , that cheaper gas prices are good for Americans.
Mianlo 2
Just to note if more people shift to cars that are more efficient or MPG. The price of OIL will go down, since the demands of gas will be less.
dominic pelle
Everything's KINDA WEIRD with Trump at the helm..
Oh, poor Neil. Couldn’t come up with anything negative to say about our president? GOOD!🇺🇸🧡
Rick Phillips
Great. Make the price of gas more affordable. I am tired of paying $4 a gallon here in California.
kerry the truth
Cavuto is globalist scum not an American ..hey just sayin.
We The People
Oil has been manipulated for over 50 years. If I said Global Warming is caused by Oil, the Prices will drop like a rock. Well done Trump. USA and Canada has all the oil it needs. Freeze OPEC out of manipulative Oil prices.
Vick Medel
To date, my penny worth of question. What is now traded in the market? Is it the pricey Brent's Sweet Crude and the WTI's sour crude oils? Or the cheap fracked Shale Rock Oil? Take note the current supply of oil is from NOPEC source. OPEC's Oil is not a shale rock or tar sand oils.
motherfucker on FOX is an Anti-Trump croney...
Dave Miner
OMG! What is big oil going to do!? I suppose they will have to start cutting up the furniture to burn it for heat this winter. LMAO!
Thanks Obama
Cavuto is proof that Fox News is as Fake as the rest....
CC Bean
Merry Christmas early 🎄💰
I don't care if any oil company goes bankrupt. It won't hurt me in the slightest.
Joe Mancilla
Go China
Joe Mancilla
Donald Trump Republican Party Russia's money laundering machine Russia's Red wave doing Russia's work in America
Melissa Denbo
Where is the caravan, I need the Caravan , I need to know where it is!!
Please Fox News I need my fear mongering 24/7 Coverage.
I need to be afraid of something my mind is weak. please tell me about the caravan, I'm scared they are bring small pox, and the black plague. please talk about the caravan.
Changing of the guard
OPEC IS A JOKE. go American
Dave Hambly
Does Trump get the blame for everything over there in the US? It is rumoured that he shot JFK.
Betty Edelblute
Oil prices will go up and down all the time. OPEC is corrupt. Good trump slapped them down.
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Trump hoodwinked OPEC: Phil 3 months ago   05:48