Trump to Give Primetime Address Trump walks out of shutdown meeting 2 months ago   11:48

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at the continuing government shutdown and President Trump announcing a primetime address to repeat his lies.
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Trump to Give Primetime Address on the Shutdown: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Uaine Diabhal
Watching Trump slowly slip further into his deranged, senile state is GREAT; whenever we give him the boot, we HAVE TO give him a new reality t.v. show about him "existing". It's just too goddamn entertaining
Hey, I actually had 2 coaches at my high school that also taught history!
Fredrik Dunge
Eh no the USSR invaded Afghanistan to exploit the fact that CENTO (Central Treaty Organisaiton) and SEATO (South East Asian Treaty Organisation) fell apart after the Iranian revolution, in an attempt to establish socialist rule (Or the rule of allied regimes) in all of Asia. The idea was to put pressure in Iran who had been a soviet ally for a short time in 1979 and after the Iran Iraq war broke out the intention was to aid their ally Saddam Hussein in the war. If Iran could be forced into the soviet block both India and Pakistan would find themselves squeezed between Soviet allies and might be influenced to join the block.
Turn down your outtro music, jesus
Blue Meanie
"We are going to build a wall, make the Mexicans pay for it and make America great again".......And you all fell for it...hahahahaha.
The Super Viewer
Ronald Bump please happen, Donald Trump is so embarrassing
chris p skeatez
i bet trumps pet dog is bigger than putins
small man
Dear Mr. Meyer, CCTV would cordially invite you to host our Chines New Year Prime Time Show. I know it is a rush. But your insights of your president is of the greatest value to the mass people of China. Since there is a great wall in our cyber space, most of our people could not enjoy your heartfelt thoughts. Therefore your immediate flying to Beijing is most appreciated and welcome. Thank you and have a Prosperous Pig Year. May you make a lot of money on exploiting Trump!
did you know america used to be the united states? what? you're saying canada and south america weren't a part of the united states? fake news, sad!
Peter Nyc
After all these I would prefer having an A.I. to run our country instead of crazy human.
Rich Pasquin
Clown Meyers paid by deep state and a traitor to America.“WE THE PEOPLE”, demand that the clowns at CNN stop reporting fake garbage bias news, like most patriots America first. ENOUGH is ENOUGH, Mueller has no credibility, and such a major conflict of interests’ means courts of appeals must overturn all court convictions handled by the master criminal Mueller. Yes , Mueller is breaking the law to produce garbage, fake accusations ;the man is very seriously deranged and dangerous for America, POLICE STATE by deep state. Soros and Dems are pulling the strings since they are afraid of 2020.Corsi now Roger Stone, Nazis Gestapo tactics. His whole operation was illegitimate at conception. Rod Rosenstein initiated it without congressional approval or presidential signature.
Robert Beck
How the f*** did this guy graduate from the the University of Pennsylvania. Someone needs to do a thesis on that
Jane Pankew
My heart breaks for you all. I hope you guys can recover before anything irreversible happens
Phyllis Neal
levi ridge
TRUMP is doing a great job.
Rick Rome
Funny, hey Pelosi called Trump Bush, where was the comedy? What about when Schumer and Pelosi said we needed a wall, and now they say we dont need one. Where was the comedy on that? I guess comedy, turned into CNN
Eliot McCann
Simile Seth strikes at 0:23

Not even a full minute..
Michael Coleman
Isn't it easy to criticise?
Uaine Diabhal
God, Sarah Sanders is soooooooo disgusting
Martin Pêcheur
If most of the is built ..then why do u keep talking about it dumbfuck
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Trump walks out of shutdown meeting Trump to Give Primetime Address 2 months ago   10:39

President Donald Trump walked out of discussions to end a partial government shutdown, now in its third week, calling discussions with congressional Democrats "a total waste of time." #CNN #News