Best 100 Goals In Football History Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal 1 year ago   19:21

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ricardo dos santos
This top 100 is better than the video 💯
Herman Wood
PRDX The_law214
Tim Howard should be a legend just for scoring
PRDX The_law214
You know you good when your name is literally iron robben
83 is the best goal
Lovro Bočkaj
16:29 wtf was that
16:04 Maradona's goal number 86 thats the year Argentina won the world cup. Coincidence?
jake GFDR
Is it weird I've watched this for years it never gets old
Dario Patrone
May be they are the best goals among the famous ones. My best ever is
Baby Jamie
What’s the first song called plz
Name of the song at 13:20? Please!
I sub to your channel to thank you for telling me the name of the song🙏🏼
Enri Bruçeti
9:29 fuck other goals ..
Its pretty obvious that this guy loves Zlatan Egohimovic
Kieran Clark
No music ruined it, cant watch
Fratele lui Nelson Mondialu
Hagi best gool 34
Youtube Lol
What is the name of the music 13:28
Thomas Rogers
4:50 Too ridiculous for words
Switching to Morris Code
Akash T
best long shots :-
1st @14:15
2nd @0:29
3rd @4:07
4th @3:46
5th @6:48
best bicycle kick
6th @14:31
7th @18:14
Pele and Zlatan ❤️💯
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Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal Best 100 Goals In Football History 1 year ago   04:10

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