Best 100 Goals In Football History Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal 2 weeks ago   19:21

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Ellis Shuttlewood
Wweeeeeedixjcubhcuxkzk I have rr
Aondona Tiav
Pls Pls what's the name of the song
This is why i love football ❤❤❤❤
Brent Crude
No. 52 Grafite vs Bayern Munchen (9:09) - That was a pure THUG LIFE moment. 😎🚬
I think the greatest goals are the ones that took blatant pure skill such a messis solo goal or Ronaldinhos touch and bicycle kick rather than lucky goals like zlatans overhead kick or a lucky long shot
Fotballdybalaronaldo Bro
god video
Che Quer Vara
0:15 Background music??
Senait Berhe
can they stop score the imposeble. :) they are the best
Marko Jurjevic6
Abeduba !
Best goal in the world 10:43
Messi 10
I think Messi and Ronaldo’s goals at the start should be a bit higher but great video
Pedro Rocha
16:54 worst challenge ever
And the goal of aduriz vs marselle
Troy Gagnon
that bale goal gets me every time
zoubir yasser
name of first music !!!
Nice touch putting Maradona at 86
Quaresma's goal ooooffffff
Joshua Pearson
Ronaldo's bicycle kick against Juvenus  would be in number 1 if the vidio was made in 2018
hipster zarul
What are song..plzz replay
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Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal Best 100 Goals In Football History 2 weeks ago   04:10

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