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How-To Carve A Realistic Beetle | How To Make An Outdoor Sofa With - At Up-Tube.com

How-To Carve a Realistic beetle How to make an Outdoor Sofa with 3 months ago   17:12

Bobby Duke Arts
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Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.

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Music: "Eternal youth" by RŮDE
Check them out on spotify, twitter and youtube! https://open.spotify.com/artist/4CWpoyuE7e9NvBkUSTmJfq

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All other music was from audioblocks and epidemic sound

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N o
Manash Borah
Awesome 👍
ThatTallChickOver There
i would pay good money for that beautiful piece of art you created
Sathya Wijayalal
I love them toooo
I REALLY LOVE THIS MUSIC. LINSTEN AND WACTH THAT MAKE ME TOO HAPPY. I get so excited watching your videos, please continue creating art and funny moments. THANKS >^
Vicky Sandhu
u r 2 gud in this bro , really appreciative, love it 😍😍😍😊
Dj Gulst
Jajajjja que entretenido , e visto varios vídeos y la verdad es muy cool el canal , nuevo subscriptor sigue así
blaze austin
when he said “now that we’re back from the wood store”
(idk whi i have them)the subs said “now that we’re back from the **weed** store”
Ericka Sievers
Beautiful 😍😍
Hey Bobby, carve Kirby from wood, I will give you a like if you do!
Rayven Velez
Are you army 🤭🤩💜
Konni Lol
I like your BOTHSAW!
(I want that!)
Yohann Lévêque
Énorme !
Zombie Man2420
0:12 switching scared me so bad 😂 I didn’t Expect it
Niamh McVey
i love your daughters BT21 hoodie
Aldo Pascutto
Nice job
John Ryan Jativa
It's so beautiful
Boborak Momin
I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆😃
Boborak Momin
Bobby you're so funny😍😍😍😂 I like you n your videos.... Love from North East India
Maxim Bliznets
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How to make an Outdoor Sofa with How-To Carve a Realistic beetle 3 months ago   06:29

This DIY Outdoor Sofa is easy to make and only requires three basic power tools. I used a circular saw, cordless drill, and orbital sander to cut and assemble 2x6 lumber into this Outdoor Sofa. I used ready made outdoor seat cushions that I bought from Home Depot which means that no sewing is required.
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AMZ DE Store: https://www.amazon.de/stores/page/E7B20D62-F304-44A5-B562-0B5163F6E301?channel=ytb_homemade (coupon code: REOAPR05)

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benjaminuyeda/

Other links:
Here is a link to the seat cushions I used:

I used 3-rod 12” hairpin legs with a 3/8” diameter:

Doweling Jig:

Makerbrand Clamps:

Speed Square:

Any 2x6s will work but I used premium cedar from:

Link to the drawings coming soon. Sorry for the website delay I am looking for a new webmaster to update my wordpress site.

For additional projects and information check out our website: