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Chain Restaurant Steak Taste | International Noodles Taste Test - At Up-Tube.com

Chain Restaurant Steak Taste International Noodles Taste Test 3 months ago   14:32

Good Mythical Morning
We’re about to embark on the ultimate chain restaurant steak showdown and we’ve never been more ready.  GMM #1541
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Comments 3969 Comments

el gringo

GMM: 1:18
Jack Adams
*Sizzler 👎 this video
texas roadhouse ... no contest
The GovNer
Some of those steaks looked tired, all outta gas, dried up and ready to be made into some boots.
Awesome Vids
I would be in heaven doing this challenge
PigMine 6
Where is Golden Corral?
Inna Mudryy
They should have added a counter to how much times they said “steak” lol
Paard Paard Paard
Applebee's gave me food poisoning
Longhorn beats al these places
Liam Murphy
On the Chili's one, Link gets a rarer steak so it's obviously gonna taste better than overcooked beef.
Man, ya gotta stop yourself from just eating the whole thing doing a taste test like this, lol!
Arthas Menethil
I have been to many Applebees in my life, and I have never had a good experience at one. Always bad food, service, and wait times.
Manfield *
Somphoth Siratsamy
Realtors suks so much, I should be one cause I'm such a loser too
Somphoth Siratsamy
Fukn realestaters
J Breezy
So the winners were an Australian themed chain based in Tampa, and a Texas themed chain based in Kentucky?

"If the place is fake, they serve good steak" seems to be the theme
Grill marks on some are put on before it's frozen and shipped to the restaurant - then they microwave it which gives it the roast beef taste.
Reiya Wiles
Can we just appreciate how responsible Link is with a knife in this video? He's a little shaky but hey he didn't severely hurt himself 😂
Joe Thomas
Sizzlers??? lmao wtf was that?
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International Noodles Taste Test Chain Restaurant Steak Taste 3 months ago   04:20

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