Chain Restaurant Steak Taste International Noodles Taste Test 9 months ago   14:32

Good Mythical Morning
We’re about to embark on the ultimate chain restaurant steak showdown and we’ve never been more ready.  GMM #1541
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Zane M
Its crazy that these guys lived like 15 min away from me in NC lol
I think texas roadhouse has a "cactus blossom" now to compete, but it's not 100% as good.
Great... now I have "Steak me home tonight" stuck in my head...
Benny Costello
Havent tried outback yet but personaly love texas roadhouse and chilis sirloin
OoferGangForLife S1N
Outback will always be the best
Craig Bautel
Texas Roadhouse is easily the best steak.
Jack Collins
Yeah. I’ll just grill my own lmaoooo
Western Sizzling was the bomb!
Texas Roadhouse is far the best. Texas is all barbecue here!
Edward Linstrom
Texas Roadhouse started in Indiana and the HQ located in Louisville, KY.
Daniel Mullins
They must not have Longhorn Steakhouse where their at. It's about the same as the Texas Roadhouse, better than Outback. IMO
Should have SaltGrass up there in my opinion
roxby scooter dood
I am aussie and links ascent trigerd me
Lopez Jr Mario
Try the steak from Claim Jumper!!🔥🔥🔥
Jason Carter
Please unbutton your top button so I can stop fantasizing about punching you in the face
Lee Tuck
Outback does not represent real Australian food. And we do not eat Blooming Onions. - Link your try at an Australian accent was painful! - Australian's do not like the movie Crocodile Dundee, as it belittles Australians. The movie was simply made for American entertainment. -- I normally enjoy GMM, just not this episode.
Elite Minx30
You WILL be going to the OUTHOUSE when you’re done this video.
Outback: No juice at all. Wait - none of them had any juice. They all looked mealy.
Stephen T
I appreciate your shirt, Chad
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International Noodles Taste Test Chain Restaurant Steak Taste 9 months ago   04:20