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Ugly Location Photo Challenge | Pro Vs. Amateur Photographer - At Up-Tube.com

UGLY LOCATION PHOTO CHALLENGE Pro vs. Amateur Photographer 2 days ago   16:33

Jessica Kobeissi
Professional Photographers take some ugly and unconventional locations and try to make them look good in their photos.


Photographer Flannery Underwood
► https://www.instagram.com/flanneryunderwood/


Model Zoe Belle Elyse
► https://www.instagram.com/zoebelleelyse/


BUY MY PHOTO COLORING PRESETS ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/


INSTAGRAM ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi
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WEBSITE ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com
TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/jessicakobeissi

Comments 505 Comments

Tatyana Pavlova
Ugly and unprofessional model challenge please
Ayush Singh
What a joke.. three beautiful girls calling themselves ugly
Erlan Amanov
Вот у меня за гаражами пиздец вам надо было туда
Jasmin Molyneux
Why does the model remind me of Billie
Lin robinson
I always end up thinking the locals they choose are really cute and aesthetic. In fact those are the kinds of places i shoot usually . Is it just me ?????
Emily Roberts
Loved this video! Great idea. Model was fantastic and really liked flannerys photos in this video
Mike T.
The most ugly thing in this video were without doubt the trousers of the third shoot. :-D
Mike T.
Is it just me or did you both use pretty unusual angles all the time? Some looked great but some I did not like because the proportions seemed strange.
Nien 08
The model is GORGEOUS
Autumn Hunter
You're not ugly. lol I myself am not photogenic, apps improve my looks. lol
Iliyana Serrano
bruh this model knows how to POSE
Иван Стороженко
You saw nothing about ugly location. Go to some Russian town :D
Photshoot in Chinatown please.
Jingyi Teng
i watched few ugly place challenge and just realised its nothing to do with the place, it is all about the model hahha
Johnathan Feldhouse
I liked the punch of flannerys photos, but the muted look of yours fit the theme well
Kori Skene
The second set of pictures all turned out so cute! Especially with the stop sign 😍
sky peters
So does Jessica hire the models, or do the models hire her 🤔
RedDoor BD
Talk Too much
Viole Urzúa
Saoirse Ronan vibes
Robert Jensen
Jessica, you could be related to one of my good friends from Texas, who is a model. You remind me so much of her.
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Pro vs. Amateur Photographer UGLY LOCATION PHOTO CHALLENGE 2 days ago   06:26

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