Riding off-road in the U.S. Army's El Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 será el nuevo 4 months ago   03:24

Motor Authority
We take a ride in the U.S. Army's new test truck: The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 fuel-cell electric. It's nearly silent and emits only water from its tailpipe. Could it be the armed forces' next ride?

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Isolate some of those rattles and squeaks and Chevrolet wont be able to keep up with demand.
beaudaxx bear
Squeaks like a Chevy alright.
Tires or engine...still a target.
Hydrogen is a waste of time, it's better off converting carbon dioxide and water into methyl/alkene fuels and burn those.
François Pouliot
I want it😵
Nope. Stick to humvee
Mikael Murstam
So if it would use battery power instead it would be even quieter.
Hot garbage
Jean Simmons
Mad Squeaky
Kyle Bullard
I'm not much of a Chevy guy but I'd like to have one of them right there...
Jay 0327
Yeah,this is not silent try again
Hans Blitz
So, Chevy will get ANOTHER Government BAILOUT
I saw this truck in dc. I understand the reason for it being a ev, but for actual offroad it might be best to go for the tried and true combustion engine unless you need it to be quiet
Alan Caldoza
It's the same petrol head with catalytic converters and hydrogen generator that was once prohibited by the government for its a direct competition to products of oil producing countries. NOW with environmental concerns these things will slowly come out in the open. You don't need fuel cell or electric motors if just being quiet is what your up to, hybrid technology maybe just in case you cant find water for its fuel. Yes it's water converted to hydrogen through electrolysis, a high school project in the 80s
Now add an armor package as well as a tow bar, weapons system with ammunition,4 Joe's in full battle rattle, spare tire, and other electronics. If it hold up then we are good to go.
Alexander Piplat
there will be some rednecks who will just go mental......... "wait what, hydrogen, eco friendly, a nightmare" :-D
What does it weigh?
This is amazing. I kinda wish they kept it a secret for as long as possible. I also wonder what happens if the hydrogen fuel cell gets hit with a bullet or missile.
Max Polding
Josepheus Gomeseus III
1:10 why does the truck sound like a tank? Is it because of the air compressor?
Charles Huang
What do you mean by fuel cell? Hydrogen? Electric?
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El Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 será el nuevo Riding off-road in the U.S. Army's 4 months ago   01:05

Comentarios de Jaime Gabaldoni sobre el nuevo vehículo que está siendo desarrollado entre el Ejército Americano y General Motors.


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