The Prospects for Enlightened Corporate Leadership The 3 Most Important Things Investors 2 days ago   03:46

California Management Review
In his recent book, 'The Enlightened Capitalists,' James O’Toole explores the challenges faced by two centuries of business pioneers who tried to do well by doing good. While many of their firms were financially successful, few of their progressive business practices turned out to be enduring. In light of this mixed historical record, this article explores the future of enlightened business leadership. It critically evaluates six trends that will greatly determine the extent to which corporate executives will introduce virtuous practices in the coming decade, including a new generation of enlightened capitalists, several consortia of socially progressive business leaders, the growth of social entrepreneurship, the emergence of benefit corporations, and changes in investor attitudes.

Based on the article "The Prospects for Enlightened Corporate Leadership" by James O'Toole.

California Management Review, Volume 61 Issue 3.

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The 3 Most Important Things Investors The Prospects for Enlightened Corporate Leadership 2 days ago   05:52

99% of business plans get rejected by investors. Here are the 3 things that you need to do right if you want investors to pay attention to you and avoid having your plan thrown into the garbage can.

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"Yes! I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! for sharing your Idea .. I just wanna ask too, how to make a business plan for my investor ,the plan that is clear to them to show how them money grow ,for ex. i have a small lending company and my brother plan to invest but of course i wanna show Him clearly the future of Him money Your reply is highly appreciated"

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