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Top 10 Legendary Moments In Football | - At Up-Tube.com

Top 10 Legendary Moments In Football 4 weeks ago   10:45

mr bundesteam
Top 10 legendary football moments feat. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic & many others
Special thanks to Raheem Comps - https://up-tube.com/channel/HPFc3qfmP9Bqueb9s1YZvlZD/

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missed ronaldo (the real one as mourinho used to say). also neymar is very talented but a lot of these dribblings are mostly show.
I still think Robbens volley against Man Utd was better than Zidanes.
I thought number 1 was gonna be zidane's volley goal vs leverkusen cl final 2002
Sirio Refrigeri
Roberto carlos the best!
R10 Humillando al Carnicero siempre 😂😂
Why 19 years old Rooney looks the same as today
Hiugg Hannibal
Ronaldiño el mejor del mundo ayer hoy y mañana
cobra tattoo
2 of the best moments are after cross by David Beckham
Toby Thc
Barthez face after ronaldo's free kick haha
adrian pilar
top 10 momentos legendarios en el futbol ? quien hizo esto un niño q nacio en el año 2005 ? investiga un poco mas, estos momentos no entran ni en 1 top 100 de la historia del futbol
Were you born in 1995 or something? Football existed before 2001 kiddo.
Beckham-best pass!!!
Where is Lewandowski 5:0?
Haresh Parmar
i was thinking how come messi is not in the video ....then i saw your profile pic and i was like "Okayyy Nevermind " .... btw your title has no reference to the content shown in the video ....
Anangan Baruah
i think itz more thn ten..
Ivan Fernandes
Well, not really legendary
Lian Katakuri
juninho 😢😢😢 miss u
AlphaQ Bro
Damn, I almost forgot why I loved football so much.
Whoever made this video doesn't know shit about football
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Top 10 Legendary Moments In Football 4 weeks ago   05:55