Superchargers vs Turbo Kits: Which Burnout Patrol EP.4 - The NEW Supercharger 4 months ago   08:40


We're going to boost your knowledge of turbos and superchargers with the latest video from Andy's Auto Sport TV. It won't be a wastegate of your time! From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves.


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Jacob Ishii
There also centrifical superchargers that are internally driven by belt and not gears therefore don't require oil plumbing or change in coolant system other than a different thermostat......reality,these fans are all designed for these companies by the same group of engineers for the most part.
Allan Radcliffe
Would like to see gear driven superchargers!
Street Spankerz
If you live in Cali superchargers are the way to go for passing emissions especially for g37/370z/g35/350z.
Paul Jordan
Great explaination! Subbed!
Will Jeff
Another pro and con is supercharger is instant power while turbo has lag or you wait for boost. Coming out of a corner it’s irritating to wait for the power where that supercharger is now.....
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Turbocharging is great. They can give you alot more power than any supercharger but they require exhaust gases and engine oil some even need to be watercooled.
If your engine fails because of oil then most likely your turbocharger failed as well
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Superchargers are great because you have instant power whenever you accelerate but they work of the engine belt so whenever you are at idle the throttle is closed and the supercharger is making your motor work hard and that wastes fuel.
Supercharge low end, turbo charge high end. Profit.
Jerry Moody
I had both. My 02 Z06 had twins on it running 14lbs and then I went vortech Ysi running 18 lbs.
The reason I liked the turbo setup better was because of the lag. Mind you, I did install a forged stroker 403 ls2 in it so I had more displacement but a boost friendly 9.5 compression ratio.
The lag on the turbo was great because it allowed me to take off hard without breaking the tires and traction is key....then the boost would come on strong. It was great.
The Ysi setup, using a 2.5" pulley, was INSTANT boost but that meant like 500 ft lb torque at like 2500 rpm and that equated to nothing but tire spin. My #s may be off a bit because I don't have my dyno sheet in front of me.
All I know is that, even with drag radials, I could not race from a dead stop....the boost was too instant but give me a roll race starting at 70 mph and once traction was there.....I would smoke liter bikes all day long.
I sold my Ysi kit and intend on going turbo again.
This is just my experience.
Scott k
I have had both on my Tib,turbo far better
Eunice Abalorio
thanks a lot
Christopher Boyd
I don't understand why they don't redesign the Turbo housing to allow the mounting of Peltier cooling diodes to keep the turbo nice and cool.
Andile Mhlongo
Thanks AndysAutoSportTV I got what I was looking for
David Vui Hiung Ng
Turbocharger.... Always
Young C
1990 Camaro RS with a 427😈 let’s turbo it💪
Jake Shinnick
God damn your videos are just straight forward , non biased and excellent. Thank you so much for making these. I watch alot of YouTube but this is television level and I love it.
Beast P
supercharged turbo car, has it been done? yes
Osvaldo Ah
Can some one comment a list of things i can buy for my 370z to add Hp for the low. Im not waisting 7k on twin turbos kit
Billy Reeve
I dunno, but isn't a supercharger parasitic(draws power from the engine), whereas a turbo is not(exhaust gas driven). The problem with that it takes longer to get boost from a turbo, but the blower is quicker power... it depends on you want.
Josh L
What would you guys recommend for my 2010 370z?
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Burnout Patrol EP.4 - The NEW Supercharger Superchargers vs Turbo Kits: Which 4 months ago   12:14


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