90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 Norway v Nigeria - FIFA Women’s 5 days ago   05:29

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Watch 90 minutes of United States vs. Thailand in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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How would you describe the USWNT’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ debut vs. Thailand?
Goalie: you need a massage
Striker: i want to pass this hole 13 times
Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace
I blame Barak Obama for all of this.
I Comment Facts
I can hear the same annoying girl screaming at the top of her lungs after every single goal, smh
Just finished watching clips of Christiane Endler against the US, then came here. From the sublime to the ridiculous.
Realistic Man
wow, Thailand made a big mistake hiring the worst goalie. The Thai goal keeper kept dodging the ball!! What the heck!! This is so embarrassing for Thailand. The USA made a goal every 7 minutes on average. I have never seen this kind of international embarrassment.
disgraceful celebrations. i hope they lose.
When you let the special ed kid play to make him feel good
nurbu tsering
Well played usa
C'est bien finalement , malgré le gros travail d'inversion des valeurs de la clique on peu aisément remarquer que le foot féminin n'est pas à la hauteur, lent et mou. Tous les matchs semblent être joué au ralenti. Les choses sont en ordre .
Albert Zee
mean and nasty, destroying hopes and dreams of inferior players .......this is not what sportsmanship is about , but again who is sportsman here ? USA vs Thailand soccer game was a shame show of human incapability of feelings and imagination ...... Thailand, sorry for that !!! you were bad, but you didn't deserve to lose in double digits...........Swedes understood that
Gabby S
Carlos Rodriguez
Peep the guy with the Sacramento Republic jacket at the bottom right at 4:00
Senekhom Sanouvong
I am pound Thai,but take a look where it came from?
I just dont care
U guys realize they scored a lot for goal differential because another team might try to run up the score against Thailand.
funny, how they say they did nothing wrong, but the next game against chile they didn't celebrate like that.... why would they change or stop if they did nothing wrong. This along with Hope Solo's calling opposing team cowards for playing tactic that help themselves win and not the US, has the USWNT looking like bratty entitled poor sports. professionalism has a very long way to go in the womens game.
Fabio Lemme
I really do not understand how can a commentator from a sports channel say they should have taken their foot off, unnecessary humilliation, etc. That shows a complete lack of knowledge about the tournament rules, since goal balance in one of the tie-breakers for group stage qualifying. If you stop at 6 x 0 against Thailand, and the other teams in the group do not, in case of a tie you are relegated to qualify second or might even be eliminated!
My lil league team could destroy them
When you put your team as 0 overall
Mr Automatic
PATHETIC. Women's soccer is such garbage. Tell me, the only balls that a THAI woman stops is a man who does not pay for it, right? This was a joke. This team could not beat a high school team on crutches. The lack of sportsmanship in the USA was a real embarrassment.
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Norway v Nigeria - FIFA Women’s 90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 5 days ago   02:11

Three first-half goals gave Norway victory over Nigeria in Group A of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

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