Jon Jones will be remembered as a ROIDER MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt 2 days ago   10:42

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Thiago Santos on Jon Jones,

Jon Jones responds to Thiago Santos,

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Richard Hill
John Jones will be remembered as THE GOAT because he truly is!!!! FACTS
Marcus Spears
Eric Bussman
Tyron never wanted to fight Lawler again. Idk why anyone thought that would happen
Y3 Andi
Hey Tyron woodley never turns down a fight!! And thats a fact 💯
Milen Karaivanov
RDA is in great condition ,and he prove it...
Limited Infinity
The funny thing is...

When people talk Ish About Jones, 95% of the time they are just telling the truth
Fran C.
If...Santos doesn't Care???.. why even bother saying anything??. LOL all ur giving Jones fuel to his fire....LOL USADA Test Jessica Andrade she's on 🤣😆😂
Federation Online
Shut the fuck up people! Woolley isn't ducking lawler!
I know the 2nd fight can have a different outcome but he did KO lawler once so please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
Jean-Francois Simard
someone plz tell Till 175 is not a division WTF is this guy doing,pick a division and make sure your ready!
Johnny Stirstick
So the truth is now an insult jon... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 just own that shit Jesus boi
kittin vlogs832 days
Jones is Goat. Fuck what you dumb new fans think. Jones can be a good role model. An mma world is getting wack. Oh an fuck Conor the fake dcgregor
Vincero Viktor
Of course you’re ducking him woodley everyone knows you got lucky and that’s all a knock out is , it’s fukn luck anyone can get it at anytime you’re afraid because you know you ain’t gonna get a ko like that second time around & this time you actually going to have to fight him ! bitxh you so scared you ain’t even hurt ,look at you all up on the camera smiling & laughing oh yah look at the agony you’re in you precious fukn princess?!?! Go to Hollywood and be gone you fukn bum
I'm glad we're not seeing Woodley-Lawler 2. The outcome was pretty clear, I'd like to see someone else against Lawler, a fresh face and not a veteran. I don't believe Lawler is top 10 anymore.
Blayre Ward
Till vs lawler please
Francisco Gonzalez
Tyquil nobody cares about you ....
Y.O.I Mirul
Kenny "i i i" florian
If the glove dont fit!!!

So leave Jones alone
tejinder pal singh
very good title for the video
kiezer sosay
I only clicked cuz u made it look like woodly said that...u know what pfft spells? PFFT!
bkstacker 247
Sup with Woodley forehead and hair line lol
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MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Jon Jones will be remembered as a ROIDER 2 days ago   12:42

Every year there is a medieval style combat tournament that takes place in a castle in Europe; that means swords, full body armor, and shields. This past year we followed the American team to the event to get a sense of how intense the competition is. We saw major injuries, the kind of patriotic pride you see in the Olympics, and sparks fly - literally.

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