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Binging with Babish
New episode of Being with Babish!

A very special thank-you to Chef Masaharu Morimoto!

4 million subscribers!! I keep hitting numbers I never imagined I'd ever reach, so I'm going to keep recreating dishes I never imagined I'd ever recreate. This week it's the Death Sandwich from Regular Show, a pretty-plain-lookin' submarine that promises to kill you if you eat it without donning a mullet and jorts. In the Babishian spirit of approaching pop culture repast renditions as realistically as possible, I enlist the help of a tv-chef-superstar to build a sandwich worth...dying for? Probably not, no. But holy shit you guys, I got to hang out with Masaharu Morimoto!!

Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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Binging with Babish
How about that onion though
Andrija Ban
Nature: Creates inedible fish with deadly toxin for protection

Humans: "This is some serious gourmet shit"
Banana Mustard
Technically any sandwich is deadly if you eat it wrong
Drugs And Hugs
I was imagining babish with a mullet
Im this guy's Other account
I can see it's penis
Babish is the kind of dude who wears his apron everywhere he goes.
Ki Talbot
How do you zest an egg
Steven Wang
the chef was a character lmao xD
Ahmad Osso
Stab Gecko
you have life insurance?
Very nice watch, man!
That Titan Scrub
You versus Gordon Ramsey would be the most nutt worthy thing I’ve ever seen
Rev ShyGuy
Morimoto seems so fun to cook with
klarenz cobie
Don't worry guys, he ain't gonna die for not wearing the right outfit, because he forgot to put the plastic of death to complete the process :)
Chase Blum
Please make the brood witch from aqua teen hunger force
Cassy Sida
omg he's so cute it makes me cry, like hehehhe look at Morimoto feeding every "hEYYY MISTER CAMERA MAAAAAN" like bless his goddamn heart
Jesse Estevez
As I sit here eating my pizza rolls with a fork and knife(nods) "Hmm Lemon Ricotta meatballs, ya don't say"
HeavenXunity 2eZ
What about the sandwich of life
JumboTheElephant Gaming
You can't sue me 😂
OVO Shipmen
Do you have life insurance?
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How to Make Jamaican Beef Patties Binging with Babish 4 Million 6 months ago   10:44

Chef Andre Fowles shows us how to make a classic Jamaican dish: the beef patty, with a perfectly flaky, turmeric-loaded dough and a spicy, silky smooth beef and Scotch bonnet pepper filling.

Chef Fowles — Chef / Owner of Everything Food by Andre Fowles and Chef Consultant of Jamaican Icon Miss Lily’s in New York and Negril, Jamaica — shares with us his secrets for the perfect patty.

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