NOTHING BUT DEAD WEIGHT! - Ultimate The Candle and the Moon Ball - Gmod: 2 days ago   44:33

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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do YouTube, so do.

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The Scottish Mutt
It infuriates me more than it should that Michael flat-out refused to use a bomb to blow up the glue next to that flowerpot. HE COULD'VE DONE IT AT LEAST TWICE - and he still didn't do it; didn't even try to. Bugged the shit out of me.
Lindsay doesnt deserve to be in shows like this. she completely ruined it and made the rest of the video garbage. was laughing during the first two thirds until she joined...
28:15 I wanna know wtf is happening in the game dammit
Jacks squirrel voice is weirdly enough quite adorable
Ryan should always be up front ;)
not gonna lie... I had absolutely no idea Lindsay was playing with them until about 15 mins in plus a 4 min rewind
Free fire pro
what link is this game
God damnit upload More chicky doos, stop playing everything Else
I wonder if they'll ever figure out that the left and right triggers are also sprint
B Cubed
27:30 Jeremy! Lookin' like a thumb!!
Need a Lindsey, Alfredo, Trevor and Fiona Chicky Doo
Why didn't they add another player when Jack left?
13:35 They can just sprint jump from the end of the lower wooden block, to the wall of the upper one. I tested it in UCH myself. It's easy. The cog doesn't block the jump. These plays are funny but damn they are frustrating to watch.
Gucci Boy
Jeremy at 9:10 fucking killed me 😂
chuck stevens
Watching Linds play always hurts me
The gay kid Foo
lindsey is more manly then jeremey
Silence Undying
Jeremy's screaming is annoying.
Wisteria Blossoms
37:16 "Lindsey's alive somehow, Lindsey's dead."
Yo Dawgz Gaming
My one complaint about Chicky doo is that Michael wastes so much time in these videos. Not only does he constantly wait til the last second for item placement almost every single round (usually to do nothing), but he'll just sit there for minutes as the last guy alive waiting for his courage to build up to make some kind of move. It got real grating during the Chicky Doo month
Yo Dawgz Gaming
Jeremy's high pitched shrieking is the funniest thing to me. Well, that and Jack hollering
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The Candle and the Moon Ball - Gmod: NOTHING BUT DEAD WEIGHT! - Ultimate 2 days ago   50:50

The AH Crew are locked in the mansion from the Clue movie with a murderer!

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They have to be extra careful, because false killings get a Moon Ball chucked at you in this bout of Gmod.

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About Let's Play:
A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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