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What sensitive locations along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park are restricted to all visitors - be they boaters or hikers?

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California Guy
the tribes sure do care about the fees
Joseph S
listen to this video he says if you find any artifacts please return them to the site you will find sites where people found architectural products and return them to a pile please don't put in pile, just don't touch, don't look don't breve don't smell don't live just go home why the f*** did you come here, this is a warning from the government don't come back or I will kill you and everyone else you know so you don't tell anybody the false history of our country about the Egyptians the Chinese the Vikings and everybody else it was here before Columbus... Lol were it's true stay the fuck out if your own country, if the world finds out we might have to give it back to its proper owner
Joseph S
Joseph S
please take your time and look at the site but please when you're out of architectural site please don't go into it or touch anything or look at anything or don't you even breathe the air
Joseph S
It's the biggest public park in the country and we can't go there
Joseph S
Just listen to this radio everywhere you can go they tell you not to so what's the point of going
Joseph S
Please hug you know the trail is permitted but please stay on the ledge and don't go in the caves, wtf why because of the Indians living inside there no
Joseph S
They keep saying out of respect for the Indians but when you're there you don't find no people at all
Joseph S
It seems like most of all Grand canyon 95% is off-limits to all people??? Wtf are they hiding there?
Joseph S
Stay away from all the plants like the government says protection of the snailget the f*** out of here you believe that people
Joseph S
Yeah at the beginning of the cape they put the gate there to protect what's inside and the bats my ass, trust me when I say there's other ways in and other caves
Joseph S
Fuck the permit, just pact some good supplies the most senior military gear night vision, Thermo vision it's all good military equipment that will last few months, food, meds, and good GPS, maps, couple rifles, tools, camping gear, satphone ..... Your going to need it... Good clothes, for hot and cold, Water gear, boats, I'm playing the hide from people looking for you trust me when I say and when you go out there looking for stuff that most people don't even know exists out therekeep it to yourself like you would keep a golden treasure trust me when I say that.... I been there, I found the golden treasure, I'm going back..... And it's not a golden treasure you think about in money weighs..... It's for your mind.......
William Crawford
Are we allowed to breathe the government air
permadi fauza
😊 ancient fandalist good for archeologist 👌
2:18 Flip flops? Really?
They've got enough restricted area set aside for snails, salt, bats, and other superstitious bullshit to run a witches school. Stop giving people the bullshit run a round and the westernized christian historical delusion about who founded the Americas, and the age of mankind. Let some accredited scientists back into these sacred spillways, and holy mosquito breeding grounds, to rexplore what we don't trust people from a hundred years ago to do properly, or with any honesty. Don't you think it's about time?
Bob Jones
We must bury the grand canyon to prove that evolution and erosion don't exist !
Bob Jones
Take what you want, stick in a shoe box or drawer in Oklahoma. It will be trash in the local landfill when you die. No history, no evidence of where it came from. No proof that it's even real. Go ahead and try it, don't let the government push you around !
Bob Jones
Better get the Boy Scouts in there to push over those dangerous rock walls before they fall on somebody and they get hurt !😁
Sammy Nichols
Sounds like a shitty trip. Weed is way cheaper and no restrictions.
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What areas along the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park are reserved for day use only ? This clips shows the locations and describes their special features.