Nigeria fights fake news Nigeria Elections 2019: Femi 5 months ago   03:35

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"Fake news" is no longer just a topic in the US and Europe. Nigerian elections are set to take place in the ucoming weekend, but as the date nears, more and more misinformation has begun circulating on social media in the West African nation. The articles are often shared thousands of times and help fuel already looming tensions. Now, several media houses in Nigeria have joined forces to tackle the fake news phenomenon.

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wong jenny
this girl so stupid she can't speak the truth about bad government
Kelvin Stad
Biafra or death for Nigeria, freedom for the Biafra
rt news is fake don't watch it fake Russian propaganda
cheryl taylor
Fake News.....A US/EU invention
Thankgod Osakue
Please this is real to the extent that Vice President involved in given money in the market square
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Nigeria Elections 2019: Femi Nigeria fights fake news 5 months ago   11:13

we speak to former Nigerian government minister Femi Fani-Kayode on the upcoming Nigerian Presidential elections where Abu Bakr and President Buhari will face off. The Nigerian elections are high stakes, as Femi warns the country could fall into a Libya or Syria scenario.

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