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Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface | Tony Fadell Talks To Stephen - At Up-Tube.com

Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface Tony Fadell talks to Stephen 1 day ago   29:55

Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brian De Palma and Steven Bauer celebrate the 35th anniversary of Scarface with a 40-minute panel at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. They discuss comparisons between Donald Trump and Tony Montana, how Al Pacino discovered the film, an injury Al Pacino suffered during the film, the amount of times the work "f$ck" was used in the film and the reaction of their children, whether a female Tony Montana is possible, and much more at the Beacon Theatre in New York City

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The Critical Thinker
Chi Chi get the yayo
Stupid interviewer
Space Monkey
Thanks for posting this i dont care about the blur the audio is good, i cant believe people would complain about that you cant see this full video but here.
Victor Jimenez
For that last question on this video, the answer is any remake of a legendary movie will just fail. That's what he really meant.
Kavan kachoria
Who put this whole thing together? Me, that's who. Who do i trust? Me.
This movie ROCKS !

The interviewer is TERRIBLE !
Honest Dix
I think all audiences are Scarface fans who born 1940s,1950s,1960s,1970s and generation fans from 1980s,1990s and 2000s include Scarface The World Is Your fans and others crime movie fans
Jacob Richardson
HOLY SHIT 35 YEARS I got the poster
Susan Dee
thanks, sucks that its blurry. you have to put your finger on one of their faces while recording so that brightness goes away and you can see their faces. I learned that with my iPhone
It’s gonna be a sad day when Al Pacino dies
Antonio Vincienzo
Fly pelecan
nicole butler
Happy 78th birthday Alfredo james pacino 04/25/2018 🎂🎉
A Miceli
Love me some Steven Bauer! Thanks for posting. Too bad, it's blurry.
nicole butler
"All that cocaine keeps you going" - Al P.
Are you trying to tell us something Al? -- There is a myth surrounding the film that you snorted real cocaine.
The crowd was annoying as heck. They would always "boo" when the host asked Michelle Pfeiffer a question
The questions weren't even offensive
She's allowed to answer, just because you're butt hurt and hypersensitive doesn't mean she doesn't want to. She probably felt pressured not to answer because of the crowds boos
edit: I didn't completely hear all the questions & answers so. About the interviewer question about Michelle Pfeiffer, him bringing up his daughter and body image is so lame & uncalled for. SJWs etc. are so obsessed with thin girls/women it's concerning. A body type specifically thin/lean/slim/skinny/slender girls/women bodies are none of people business and does not send a bad message to anybody but hypersensitive imbeciles who are insecure and jealous. When "curvy was the standard" did you hear skinny women complaining?
This is great! Thanks for posting!
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Tony Fadell talks to Stephen Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface 1 day ago   1:04:00

The founder of Nest and creator of Apple’s iconic iPod talks with the writer, actor and renowned technophile about the future of technology, design, unloved devices and staying comfortable.