Kobe Bryant Drops 40 Pts on Rookie Kobe Bryant's TOP 40 Plays of His NBA Career! 2 days ago   08:02

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Joel Williams
Great shots - this is a nice blend of Kobe's excellent inside the arc shots become less important than the Warriors strength beyond it - Kobe's slowing down - and then Klay starts to digs in (and sometimes kicks out) and establishes what they've been callin' the THREE POINT ERA!!! (PS: what if Steph wasn't injured for this game? would the Warriors have lost at all . . .?
Let me sleep in peace
2:26 ummmm?
Klay wasn’t guarding Kobe all the time....
Wasn't this the year Kobe had the career diminishing injury? This is partly the reason to rank Lebron and Mike above Kobe, Mike had better footwork and play style as to not get seriously injured. Lebron though no where near Kobe/Mike in footwork just has a better build. But, in all honesty though, what Bryant did at 6'6 and being as skinny as he was is a very difficult feat. I could tell that Kobe could pass well in this game, that hook pass he did. Had he focused on his passing a bit more and not copied (however unintentional) he could have separated himself from Mike and have been more Unique, but probably less Iconic. Kobe's a scorer. A killer. Clutch. More Clutch than Jordan. That's somethin.
I cannot fathom a prime Kobe today in washed up defenseless league.
Micah 144000
Klay white washed
Daniel Berri
Jake21snake #1
klay dropped a lot on him too big dawg
Alex Hendershot
I miss the triangle...beautiful off ball movement
Both can takeover the game like nobody's buisness
TheGoat 24
Both better than michael Jordan
Hakeem 34 Olajuwon
5:06 pau gasol you ok?
Jalil Johnson
I can only Imagine what a young Kobe bean Bryant would had done to these gsw boys in his prime doe. Smh yikes.
Kobe's 2012-13 season was so underrated, damn he would kill the competition on a daily every night at 34!!
Can’t build bricks with out using Klay
Pierre Richard Jr
I forgot, did the Lakers make the playoffs that year?
Mr Q Ceaz
Man I grew hating the Lakers & because I am a die hard Bulls fan I hated Kobe even more because I always felt Mike was better but I aint gonna lie Kobe was the truth smh
Han D
Rookie Klay actually held up pretty well. Good D beaten by better O.
But that Mike Brown lockout Laker team was TRAGIC. Statistically, Sessions, Gasol, & Bynum actually look pretty good (Bynum was West starting All-Star Center by fan voting this year LOL). But they barely squeaked by Javale's Nuggets in 7 games. Then OKC ran them out of the gym.
Han D
Kobe used to embarrass Dorell Wright (GSW SF #1) when Wright was on the Heat too
Ben San Pedro
Right of the start Kobe was already cooking Klay
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Kobe Bryant's TOP 40 Plays of His NBA Career! Kobe Bryant Drops 40 Pts on Rookie 2 days ago   10:55

Dunks, Game Winners, and Crazy Moves! It's Kobe Bryant's Top 40 Plays on his 40th birthday!

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