Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Let's Generalize Vella Lovell Chats Her Role 2 days ago   05:09

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At PaleyFest LA on March 20, 2019, cast and creators of the show attempt to pick their favorite songs from the show's four seasons.

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Gabrielle Ruiz
Scott Michael Foster
Donna Lynne Champlin
Aline Brosh McKenna
Rachel Bloom
Jack Dolgen
Pete Gardner
Vella Lovell
Kathryn Burns

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I hate myself for how much I loved the cats yeast infection song
OMG VILLAIN IS AND HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE TOO !!! It definitely made me feel the most understood as well as "nothing is ever anyone's fault"
bruno saporito
Anti-Depressants is one of my favorites, specially in the concert where Scott participates on the tapping routine.
But I also love Math of love triangles and Settle for me
Gaetano Calagna
The DUST paid to "We'll Never Have Problems Again"
Blue Geen
The darkness 😍
Miss Rizz
once in a while, totally out of the blue I get "sex sex, sexy sex, boner, boner, uterus" stuck in my head XD
Helena Rosno
It Was a S**t Show
Julian Smith
I love how the actress that plays Paula loves the dress she wore from His Status Is Preferred that she's worn it multiple times.
Julian Smith
The guy that plays Nathaniel looks tired. I hope he gets some r&r.
Mariana Bandarra
Love kernels and Don't be a Lawyer
My Fat Face
Tapped That Ass
tell me i'm okay patrick is underrated
Ellis Parsnip
I mean why wouldn't you go see fit hot guys ya know
The ONE thumbs down got me rolling
Ingrid -
meu #CrazyExTop5 :

1- Gettin bi
2- no one else is singing my Song
3- i gave You a UTI
4- abertura da 1a temporada
5- Don't be a lawyer
We Tapped that Ass is a musical masterpiece
itsQUINNderful !
Santa Ana Winds. I Go To The Zoo. Fit Hot Guys. Sexy Getting Ready Song. Don't Be a Lawyer.
Christopher B COLEMAN
Talyta Barcelos
I love this show so much
My top 3 would be...

1. Rebecca's Reprise from the finale of S2. It's a heartbreaking, real moment made up of a lot of other important moments Rebecca had imagined where she's being honest with herself for once.
2. Oh my God I think I like you - the humor and the honesty... And I relate to the lyrics, lmao
3. It was a shitshow - again, heartbreaking, and I love how helpless the characters were right there - they loved each other but they couldn't do anything about it so they had to break up.

... But still, there are SO many other songs I adore from this show...
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Vella Lovell Chats Her Role Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Let's Generalize 2 days ago   27:16

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" follows Rebecca Bunch who is a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman and impulsively gives up everything – her partnership at a prestigious law firm and her upscale apartment in Manhattan – in a desperate attempt to find love and happiness in that exotic hotbed of romance and adventure: suburban West Covina, Calif. Vella Lovell, star of the popular CW series, came to chat about the final season.