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Csulb - Study In California | Top 21 Universities In California - At Up-Tube.com

CSULB - Study in California Top 21 Universities in California 2 months ago   04:45

California State University Long Beach is a great place for international students to study.

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ahhhhhhow do i chose a uni as an international uni!! Ahh, this is just too exciting
Nancy Orozco
Going in the fall!
Kayla Ferland
I really want to go here but the problem is that I live in NH and that is problematic in getting to California
Nguyễn Viết Đức
I would like to share with mindful students, viewers my painful traumatic events.
I was a homeless man in 2/1979. I applied for Job Opportunity at CUSLB. All the Other applicants in line looked at me down, with lemon smiles because I was not well grooming enough (I got clothes, shoes from trash in Malaysia Refugee Camp.)
Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh, Ph.D. & Dr. George LaDue told me, filled out application. Secondly, they asked me referrals, educational documents. I indicated that I was boat person, homeless. I could not bring any educational documents with me.
I signed my name, left application at their office and walked to gas station, super market nearby looking for job opportunity. Finally, I got job at CSULB. Without this job, I could not have healthy life, with the Quality of Life as today.
My warm best regards to you all, Respectful Viewers. Please Pray for Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh, Ph.D. and Dr. George LaDue, Ph.D. for me since I could not pay them back their skillful professional services to me in Feb. 1979. Your heartfelt prays are meaningful, valuable to me more than I can say. My words cannot say enough to appreciate you all.
Thank God for the opportunity to view this video.
Duc Viet Nguyen
Independent Interactive & Exchangeable Socio-cultural Educations, Research on the Whole Health Environment.

Daily, driving by CSULB, I pray for Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh, Dr. Gearge LaDue. I donate financial supports to some homeless nearby VA, Super Market, Gas Station, I always remember the best services from Dr. George LaDue, and Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh.
Almira Lewis
I have an inquiry; Do they have a bachelor degree in human resource management program?
Goomulf Zeskaplan
I remember I really wanted to attend this school so badly by my junior year of high school. Too bad I was rejected from this school. Going here would have been a blast.
Got accepted but would rather go to Cal Poly Slo.
Jose Lozano
it's crazy how every year it's getting harder to get into right now they have an acceptance rate of 35%
Great for internationals maybe but for residents we're on our own.
Malorie Para
I want to go here so bad it hurts.
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Top 21 Universities in California CSULB - Study in California 2 months ago   02:07

Here is the list of top 21 universities of California.

1. California state university, Fullerton

2. California state university, Sacramento

3. California state university, Los Angeles

4. California state university, Northridge

5. California state university, Chico

6. Stanford University

7. California Institute of Technology

8. California Polytechnic state university

9. University of California, Irvine

10.California state university, Frenso

11. University of Southern California

12.California state university, san Barnardino