Knock Out® Family of Roses Pruning Leggy, Old Azaleas 12 months ago   02:45

P. Allen Smith
Garden and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith gives us some tips on pruning and fertilizing roses.

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Stacy Cee
Wish you would have shared what type of fertilizer you used?
Stephenie Lambert
I have 2 of these and they bloomed from April to hard frost in a zone 7. I got them in those little 1 gal containers 10 years back or so and now they are near 5 ft high and wide with trunks as thick as my wrist! No pests, no diseases, and they are good roses to learn to prune on because they can take a good deal of abuse and spring right back.
Supratim Chaliha
Thank you for the tips! simple and effective!
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Pruning Leggy, Old Azaleas Knock Out® Family of Roses 12 months ago   04:48

You can give an Azalea a heavy pruning. Make sure you water well after pruning and fertilize and you will have a lush and gorgeous shrub!