VFX Reel CGI VFX Showreel : 'Character Animation' by - Jakob 4 months ago   01:33

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CGI VFX Showreel : 'Character Animation' by - Jakob VFX Reel 4 months ago   01:59

Check out this fantastic Character Animation showreel by the talented Jakob Welner! For more information about this reel please visit the links below:

Online Portfolio: www.jakob.welner.dk

'My character animation showreel featuring my work on John Carter, Legend of the Guardians and a few commercials. I have animated all characters in frame unless further specified at the bottom, in which case I only did the characters listed.'

'Everything is fully keyframed by hand apart from 2 shots near the end where facial motioncapture were used as reference.'

Music by Peter Welner

Animator and R&D-developer of trade with a keen interest in robotics and their body language