TOP 10 MOST AMAZING POKER HANDS HighLights €50,000 Final Table 7 months ago   38:44

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If you are reading this, comment your favorite hand! In this poker video, we are bringing you a poker compilation of the top 10 best poker hands ever played, not in a specific order. Let us know which poker hand you think deserves the first spot. Thumbs UP for more Daily Poker Content.

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The Rotsnockets
I live your content but I don’t like the poker scenes as it’s really distracting from the ads
Евгений Зарубин
Почему у Feldman'а 0% шанса в статистике на экране выиграть в первом видео? Когда он бы и выгнал в той раздаче, если бы не скинул!
Сергей Бардаков
Там A бубей ледит а на экране черви,что за бред?
Jan Mazur
What does Tom Dwan have in the first clip, I don't get it D:
Looks like a straight, but missing 1 card? I'm a begginer when it comes to poker...
Sean Murphy
Too many ads .
Tim O.
5 pocket pair, holy smokes! Then trip Kings, then trip Queens.
장난치나 바닦패는다이아 에이스 화면은 하트에이스 .이것들이.
Harrison Ruskin
Why would he fold pocket Kings
Mark Glenn
How did he win that hand 5:48? I play a little poker but I’ve never seen a winning hand like that, please explain
I can't stress it enough. If you're that good TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES!!!!!
Take off those shades. Be a REAL poker player.
Any player wearing sunglasses is a cheater. Anyone wearing sunglasses does NOT have a "Poker Face' PLAY LIKE A real PLAYER...Take your shades off and play.
asqasqme alqhtani
it's all fixed
marco sabatini
How does a man leave down kk fuck that 🤣
that Japanese was a stupid pig
Oman victory
Watch on ytplayer for no ads
In the first hand the player with the hearts flush draw was rated as having 0% chance of winning the hand by the on screen graphic. He folded but the river was a heart so he would have and could have won vs trip 8s and straight. Was that a mistake on the screen?
morgan pepe
38:42 most painful moment,Mamá mía 😭
Joshua Armstrong
Why did it say 0% for Feldman? He had a flush draw? And would've made it.
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HighLights €50,000 Final Table TOP 10 MOST AMAZING POKER HANDS 7 months ago   52:39

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